Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sick of Vampires? So is Stephenie

by Brittany Geragotelis

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Stephanie Meyer
I don't know about you, but I've been sick of The Twilight phenomenon pretty much since it started. It's not that I don't like vampires...Hello? My favorite show of all-time is "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." I just like a little creativity and substance with my fang-friendly creatures. Despite their popularity, I just never felt like I got that with Twilight or shows like True Blood.

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The Vampire Diaries
And honestly, I always thought it was a bit of a cop-out that after Twilight became the "It" book series, that everyone jumped on the vamp bandwagon. Come on, it impossible to come up with the next big thing, without riding on the coattails of the current obsession?

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True Blood
Okay, rant over now. Apparently Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer, is officially sick of the pale characters herself. So much in fact that she's balking on writing the much-anticipated companion book to the series called Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun is supposed to be Twilight told from the perspective of Edward Cullen. As much as her fans are itching for another book, Stephenie is feeling a bit vamped-out.

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“I know that’s what everyone cares about,” the New York Times quoted Meyer as telling bloggers who met her personally. “I also know that the right answer would be for me to say, ‘Oh yeah, it’s done! And it’ll be out next month!’ But that’s not true. What’s true is that I’m really burned out on vampires. And I don’t want to write it badly,” she said.
“I want to wait until I’m excited about the material again, and I’m excited about Edward, and that it’s something that’s motivating. You know, when a story is keeping me up at night, and I’m waking up at four in the morning and thinking ‘Yes! That is what is what should happen in this moment!’

“So right now it feels like homework, it really does. And when things feel like homework they go very, very slowly for me. You know, I have my share of human stubbornness and I have to tell you, it’s a little bit hard when people are like, ‘This is the only thing you can do, and it’s the only thing we care about!’ And, you’re kind of like a 3-year-old, you want to be like ‘I’m gonna do what I wanna do!’ Yeah. ‘You’re not the boss of me!’” she added.

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Waiting until people aren't sick of vampires again? Hey, that's fine with me. In the meantime, what do you think will be the next big obsession? Witches? Werewolves? Zombies? Leave your guesses in the comments below!



Tahlia said...

I'm sick of Vampires too and to Stephanie's fans I say, let the lady move on to something new.

As for what's next - demons maybe? That what replaces vampires in my new YA fantasy novel, 'Lethal Inheritance’.

If you're interested, take a look at ch1 at

If you like what you read and want to read the rest then spread the word. You can find 'Lethal Imheritance' on facebook too.

Hey, I could be the new Stephanie Meyer - okay that's impossible and I'd rather be myself, but you know what I mean. One things for sure, if you liked the Twilight Series, you'll like 'Lethal Inheritance' too, but there's no vampires in sight. Thank goodness.

Michelle said...

Oh man, I don't think I've ever lol'd out loud but I think (shamefully, mind you) that I just did.

Next big thing; Fluorescent werebadgers or your money back guaranteed.

Brittany said...

Definitely stick to your own thing Tahlia...I have a feeling the vampire thing has just about run its course. And good luck on the book! I'll definitely check it out!

Brittany said...

Michelle--I'm so glad I could be your first...LOL that is! Ooooh, werebadgers! That's so original. And totally creepy.

I've tried to come up with an entirely NEW monster, but it's really very hard. Right now, I'm really fixated on using regular people who do extraordinary things. It's still intriguing while being more accessible.

Are you a writer? What's your MO?

Michelle said...

Ahh, I'm a YA/Horror/Supernatural writer. Been doing the genre since I could type on DOS computers and comprehend Stephen King novels; I know exactly what you mean about re-imagining the 'monster' in your books.

The monster is what makes the man - and the book, so to speak. Once this sparkly sugarcoated look at the underworld runs it's gamut, it's up to us to bring back the good stuff. :)

Begining with normal people is the best way. Accessible? Definetly. And so rich in options. I recently finished the first book of my trilogy, querying it now. So tough!

Brittany said...

Querying IS so hard. In a way, it's more difficult than actually writing the book (at least for us writers). It's hard sending out your baby to other people and watching the rejections roll in (hopefully it'll be different for you, though!).

After hanging around this industry for the past 6 years, I've come to the conclusion that it's really all about being at the right place, at the right time, with the right person. So, don't give up...keep writing your supernatural stuff. Can't wait to read it when it's on bookshelves!