Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Somebody's having a baby!

by Brittany Geragotelis

First I get news that a co-worker is engaged (congrats Kathy!) and then I hear what I'd already guessed but didn't have confirmation of until today....Tori Spelling's preggers again! Woo hoo! Yes, yes, I know, I sound like we're best buds or like we even know each other (we don't), but I watch her show(s) and really think, given the chance, we'd be friends. Really. Of course, when I told Matt about this last night, he had a different perspective.

Me: "OMG! Tori's pregnant!"
Matt: "Tori?"
Me: "Yeah, Tori!"
Matt: "Oh." Pause. "You mean Tori Spelling?" Eye roll.
Me: "Uh, yeah! I'm so happy for her....I thought she was looking pregnant the other day. She had that pregnant glow she gets."
Matt: "Oh yeah, your good friend, Tori. That's exciting news." Sarcastically said with another eye roll and a chuckle.
Me: "Hey, we would make great friends!"
Matt: "Sure you would."
Me: "I want Tori to plan our wedding." Silence and end of conversation.

Ladies, if you ever want to get your guy to stop arguing with you, apparently all you have to do is bring up marriage and they change the subject. AMAZING!

Hahahah. Anyways, in light of all the great news on the baby/marriage front, I thought it would be a good time to post my latest Book Slayer video. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Love the new video!

Anonymous said...

Matty needs to get a move on. One day we want to be able to tell Tori that her friend B is preggers too :)