Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ray Bradbury says "Hell no" to the Kindle

by Brittany Geragotelis

photo credit: Ray Bradbury
Call him crazy, but Fahrenheit 451 author Ray Bradbury isn't as psyched about the rate that technology is advancing these days. In fact, when the soon-to-be-90-year-old author was asked on three separate occasions (oh, to have those luxury problems!) to allow his works to be published on electronic reading devices, he's told each of them to go to hell.

I mean, I know some authors are purists when it comes to books (I'm not sure I'll ever choose to read a novel off the Kindle or Nook rather than holding a paperback in my hands), but it sounds like Bradbury really has some issues here.

How about you? Would you prefer to read your books in paper or e-form? Leave your comments below.



Denise said...

I prefer books. There is something about curling up in a chair and reading a good book. I just don't think curling up and holding a Kindle is the same. I love my book marks. You can't use those with a Kindle. I have read ebooks on my computer and find it very uncomfortable to sit at the computer in my computer chair and try to curl up...
So, if the only way I can read some books is by ebooks or Kindle, I will, but I prefer the old fashioned, hold in you hand, turn the pages, use the book mark, book!

Michelle said...

Paper! Oh my gosh paper. There is a magic in smelling a brand new book. When you buy a book, it's definetly more than the words and story your paying for.

It's the full experience, the earmarking your pages to death, the spilling coffee on the page with the sex scene, or the lady next to you who talks to you about the book enthusiastically when she spots you reading it. Highlighting your favorite bits! Drawing a mustache on the cover where the villian (who you thought was a good guy) just happens to fortutiously be!

Physical books are yours to own, to deface, to embrace, to love and to leave, and they bring people together in all the best ways.

Jacey said...

I personally prefer text book's to be e-books. The search function and copy and paste to my notes is more valuable than I can describe. Otherwise, most people probably prefer real books because they are easier to take places and read, or curl up with.

Brittany said...

Jacey, it's funny you mention the text book thing because I was talking to a gal who's getting ready to be a freshman at NYU and she was saying the same thing. She's a hardcore book lover, but would prefer to get her schoolbooks on the Kindle. And I agree...sometimes it would be nice to have that stuff all in one place.

But Michelle and Denise....I'm with you. I like the feel of a book in my hand (although I can't stand hardback). There's something very special about a paperback. It makes you almost feel more connected.

But I say to each his own. My boyfriend hates the feel and sound of paper, and he's said he would read a lot more if he had a Kindle. Hey, whatever keeps you reading, right?