WHAT THE SPELL? Book Trailer

(Behind the scenes of the WHAT THE SPELL? book trailer shoot)

Nick Uhas striking a pose as gorgeous "Asher"
Adam Crawford as "Camden" in WHAT THE SPELL?
Me with my producer's hat on!
Sara Cicilian as "Brooklyn" gearing up for a scene
Brooklyn's "before" look. Plain but pretty.
Courtney McCabe as "Eliza"; Hannah Netter as "Gigi" ; Patrick Kingsland as "Wheatley" This is the Elite!
Asher and Brooklyn hanging in the hallways. Mrs. Zia's wondering if there's a love connection...
Brooklyn pre-magical makeover. Think she'll go blonde?
Tammy West channeled "Mrs. Zia" as Nick Uhas did some light reading between scenes.
Courtney McCabe reading all about her character "Eliza" in WHAT THE SPELL?
We're making a book trailer!!!
To prep for his role as "Wheatley," Patrick Kingsland lifted boulders in dark alley's....
For someone so nice, Hannah Netter sure does play a good "mean girl!"
Rudy Guerrero looking very Abercrombie & Fitch as super-smart "Rhodes"
Regis HS was the PERFECT backdrop for our book trailer. Can you imagine going to school here?
The perfect power couple: Gigi & Camden
Don't you wish YOU were Elite?
Behind closed doors...
Sara Cicilian as "Brooklyn"
Emmy Award-Winning makeup artist Roberto Casey, does a little touch-up on-set.
Edward who? Witches are the new vampires.
Apparently, blondes DO have more fun. And in WHAT THE SPELL?, they also get into more trouble...
Give me a pseudo bad boy in a leather jacket and great hair and that's all I need....
Someone knows her secret.