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Intern Diaries: Millennial Madness

by Rose Kahn


Recently Joel Stein, one of Time magazine's writers, penned an article about the state of the current generation. He said, and I quote, this generation is “lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents.”

We are unrestricted, self important and think we can get anything we want without having to work for it. We want to share every moment of our lives with the world and we can't sit for more than a minute without checking our phones. So, basically, we are terrible people with ADD.

While I was reading the long article, I grew more and more outraged. But once I’d finished—four hours and many phone checks later—I wasn't sure how to feel anymore. There were two sides presented in the article. The first being a complete rundown of all our faults: from narcissism to elitism, laziness to pure selfishness and a complete disregard for authority. The second view went on to explain that we are also understanding, flexible and the most innovative generation in history. We will in short “save the world” one day.

To this, I say: “Duh. You didn’t know that?”

Every generation prior has done something good for the world, and in part changed or saved it. We, however, are the first generation to have no real reason to rebel since information is at our fingertips and there is no real establishment to rebel against. The government in office is kinda on our side for the most part. We are understanding of individual differences (although bullying is an issue we’re still working on) and are learned and knowledgeable (hello, Google).


I have to say that while some of what Joel said was accurate. But Millennials’ (Hi! Yes, I’m one too)  didn't adopt these characteristics for the fun of it. They are symptoms of our current situation: Ummm…worldwide recession anyone; six to eight social media accounts that we must maintain; and the massive amount of information thrown at as all the time. Wouldn't any other generation have reacted the same way?

Imagine if Instagram was around during WoodStock. How many filtered photos would there be of flower wreathed hippies and YouTube videos of Jimi Hendrix's "Star Spangled Banner"? Would people from this time really have been so different from us or are we all just reacting to our environments?  

For this reason, I don’t think we’re so terrible. Brittany and I discussed the article and although we’re from two different generations (she on the tail end of hers and I on the cusp of mine) agreed somewhat on the assessment of it. Brittany understands the importance of social media and why we feel the need to share everything, but she had some good advice about oversharing and the messages we’re putting out to the public.

Not everything important needs to be shared and not everything shared is important.-Brittany (and someone else, I'm sure of it.)
We need to use our heads to decipher what is necessary to expose to the world and what is not. Are we being mean? Are we being redundant? Is the fact that you ate Fruity Pebbles (my favorite) this morning really necessary to share with your two hundred Instagram followers? I admit—I overshare and post unnecessary picture of nonsense. But I am going to start taking her advice to heart and make a conscious decision to filter my posts with intelligence and class. We need to think about the messages we’re sending out; What really matters, and if we are being honest and kind? We can still share our daily lives and opinions; we just have to be smarter about it.

With that said…it’s time to OVERSHARE about intern life with Brittany the Book Slayer extraordinaire! Life’s A Witch comes out in July, which is crazy exciting! Britt has me working on some pretty exciting things to prepare for and build anticipation for the release. We’re coming up with teaser posters to get your twitch blood pumping; Britt has done some awesome interviews for a few of your favorite magazines; and we’re both posting some fun things online to keep you entertained!  Can't wait to reveal everything to you all! Keep your eyes peeled!



If you’ve ever been on my Pinterest account, you’ll notice that I’m obsessed with fashion. I watch every  Fashion Week like a crazy groupie, and even admit that I’ve stalked the tents in Bryant park. So you can imagine my excitement when Britt told me she was having a photo shoot for her next book launch and she needed some cute looks for it.

My dream had come true—clothes shopping for work?!?!  

After perusing and researching several great locations for the shoot, we settled on the Upper East Side (specifically, her favorite gluten free bakery [Pip’s Place] and a quintessential NY brownstone [very Carrie Bradshaw]). Then, we met up to go shopping. YAY! The look of the shoot was a combination of sweet and edgy looks. We picked out cream laced dresses and pared them with black jackets. Flowy skirts were worn with metal embellished tops and party dresses with sneakers. I was having the time of my life picking out slouchy sweaters, wide brim hats and chunky necklaces (could I have been any luckier?). After all that shopping (and many outfit changes later), Britt had five great looks that we both loved.



A day with Brittany is never boring as you can see, but nothing was ever as surprising as when she asked me to help her dye her hair.


After the famous Annual New York MET Gala, Britt and I scoured the fashion recaps and gave our own (very vocal) opinions. We loved the theme of this year’s ball: PUNK: "From Chaos to Couture.” We relished in the spikes, leather and metal chains everywhere. It was a complete change from the generic look of the late sixties early seventies. It spoke of rebellion, nonconformity and screaming your brain out! From Nina Dobrev's black widow look, to Madonna's homage to Billy Idol and the Sex Pistols. I could not take my eyes away from the artistry of the event. Sometimes you just need to throw all the rules and caution to the wind and “Express yourself” (wink, wink).

Brittany truly believes this, and even went as far as to put that idea into practice—by opting to streak her hair pink to get in on the Punk theme. Before dying her hair, I had to put on these gloves that made me feel like I was in an episode of CSI. My hands were shaking as I worried about messing up. Simply put: I was terrified. But Britt must have had confidence in my hairdressing abilities because after 30 minutes, the pink streaks were born! In the end, she looked awesomely cool and totally punk! I was thinking of painting my nails black…but then watched Fashion Police instead. I know, so “punk” of me.

It’s been a crazy month, from pink streaks to Lorelai Gilmore. I don’t know how next month will compare, but with the debut of Life’s A Witch right around the corner, I bet it’s going to be amazing!

Till next time guys!!

Rose, The Intern

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Lauren Graham (yes, she's really that cool!)

by Brittany Geragotelis

Not to brag, but a few weeks ago, I got to hang out with Lorelai Gilmore. No joke.

Okay, so the night really consisted of us and about 450 other people, sitting in the Barnes & Noble in Union Square NYC, and she was doing a Q&A for her new book, SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY, MAYBE, and she was actually there as herself, Lauren Graham, and not her beloved fast-talking alter-ego, Lorelai from Stars Hollow, but still. It was a great night.

As mentioned, "Gilmore Girls" and "Parenthood" fans flocked to the multi-level bookstore for a chance to meet Lauren in person. I got there two and a half hours early to secure a seat for myself and three of my friends (my gal-pal Kate, Siena who's also my publicist at S&S and my intern Rose) and reveled in the lively chatter that went on around me until the woman of the hour arrived. And when she did, it was to gasps of the crowd and applause.

Kate, Rose, Me and Siena @ Lauren Graham's book signing in the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. Oh yeah, we found my book on the shelves!
The Q&A was really interesting! It lasted about 30 minutes and covered topics from Lauren's writing process to her acting career and then she took questions from the crowd, who mostly gushed about how awesome she was. And she was. Guys, she's seriously as gorgeous in person as she is on TV and totally relatable and sweet. Also....funny as hell.

Anyway, we were all there to snag a copy of her debut novel, SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY, MAYBE, a fiction book about an aspiring actress. Apparently she drew upon some of her own experiences during her journey to stardom, and then filled in the blanks with fiction (for more on this, see her quotes below). Sounds cool, huh? Here's the description:

"Someday, Someday, Maybe" is totally having a WO-mance with "Life's a Witch. "

It’s January 1995, and Franny Banks has just six months left of the three-year deadline she set for herself when she came to New York, dreaming of Broadway and doing “important” work. But all she has to show for her efforts so far is a part in an ad for ugly Christmas sweaters, and a gig waiting tables at a comedy club. Her roommates―her best friend Jane, and Dan, an aspiring sci-fi writer―are supportive, yet Franny knows a two-person fan club doesn’t exactly count as success. Everyone tells her she needs a backup plan, and though she can almost picture moving back home and settling down with her perfectly nice ex-boyfriend, she’s not ready to give up on her goal of having a career like her idols Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep. Not just yet. But while she dreams of filling their shoes, in the meantime, she’d happily settle for a speaking part in almost anything—and finding a hair product combination that works.

Everything is riding on the upcoming showcase for her acting class, where she’ll finally have a chance to perform for people who could actually hire her. And she can’t let herself be distracted by James Franklin, a notorious flirt and the most successful actor in her class, even though he’s suddenly started paying attention. Meanwhile, her bank account is rapidly dwindling, her father wants her to come home, and her agent doesn’t return her calls. But for some reason, she keeps believing that she just might get what she came for.

Someday, Someday, Maybe is a story about hopes and dreams, being young in a city, and wanting something deeply, madly, desperately. It’s about finding love, finding yourself, and perhaps most difficult of all in New York City, finding an acting job.

Besides autographing copies of her book, Lauren also took the time to say hi to all of us fans individually. And when it was my turn, Rose snapped a pic of us together (not my finest angle I'll admit). That's when she saw it. My cell phone cover....
Me and Lauren Graham. Lauren's gorgeous as ever!

"What's that?" Lauren Graham asked.
"It's my book. It came out in January," I answered.

Admittedly, I was a mess by this point. Despite all the celebs I've interviewed and hung out with and met in the past, I was so nervous. No clue why. But I'm pretty sure I resembled an escaped mental patient since I was shaking so much and stumbling over my words, a fact that Lauren was gracious enough to ignore.

"Okay, first...where can I get my copy of the book? And second, how can I get a cell phone cover?" Lauren Graham continued.

Yes, THE Lauren Graham asked where she could get my book. I was officially dying.

"Well the book's out now and if you e-mail me, I can get you the book and the cell phone cover," is what I meant to say, but I think it came out kind of like, "Mrrllllllll blurgh, harumsh...IReallyAdmireYouAndMyMomLovesYouToo." 

And then I shoved my business card in her hand.

That was my moment with Lauren Graham. We may not have become instant besties (though it's just a matter of time), I was so honored that she even noticed. She had about 450-500 fans there to see her and we were at the beginning of the line, which meant she still had a few hours of signing to go. And yet she was sweet and funny and real and totally smart.

Lauren taking questions at the signing

If you weren't lucky enough to see Lauren in person (and have your own special moment with her....don't be jealous), here are a few gems from the Gilmore Girl herself!

"There's nothing more important than a good story." --Lauren Graham on her family's love of storytelling while she was growing up

She found writing her book SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY, MAYBE harder than acting because people weren't around to help her when she was stuck.

Lauren turned her book in, in chunks. At first she used to turn it in to her editor chapter by chapter, but then began to send it in bigger sections. Her reason? "You can't ask someone to read something for the first time, a second time."

Triple threat: Talented, Funny & Smart!
Part of what she found funny about her book was exploring an outsider's view of Hollywood. "I like the ways that people misunderstand showbiz."

"I didn't want to write about anyone who would think this song was about them." --Lauren Graham, on why she chose not to write a memoir or base any of her characters off of real people

"It's like a happy, less naked 'Girls.' Less 'Smash' and more 'My So Called Life.' " --Lauren Graham on the vibe of her book, SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY, MAYBE

Lauren described acting as having high/low self-esteem. "You go in just knowing you're right for something, but still feeling like you're not worthy of it."

One of the best mother/daughter relationships on television.
What was Lauren's writing schedule like? She said she had to just get into the habit of writing 1,000 words each session. She believes you just have to write, get something down on paper, and then you'll have something to work with.

Lauren described writing as "a process of implied rejection."

She shared that there is a similar flow of concentration between acting and writing. "And then sometimes I was in a fight with the book!"

"You start with yourself and then make something up." --Lauren Graham on the way she develops characters in her acting roles as well as in her book
Lauren's a Glam-Slam!
"The best you can hope for is a great collaborator." --Lauren Graham on working with her editor

"Writing a memoir isn't particularly interesting to me. I'm not like Ellen [DeGeneres], where I can write, 'Water bottles--they're crazy!' and it's funny." --Lauren Graham on choosing to write fiction

Lauren talked a little about how she felt (and sometimes still feels in Hollywood), saying she's been at parties where she's like, "How did I get here?" She also said that most of the time it feels like there's a really awesome party going on somewhere and she just isn't there....

"It's a hustle to be a creative person." --Lauren Graham


***So what do you think? Do you love Lauren even more now that you've read this? Are you gonna run out and buy her book? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below!

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New Site and other changes....

by Brittany Geragotelis
Ch-ch-ch-changes!'s that time of the year again where change is sounding good. Or maybe it's because my 34th birthday is coming up. Or that now that I'm married, I'm looking to start anew in the next phase of my life. Whatever the reason, change is here!

First up, my website recently got a MAJOR facelift. We're talking a REAL site here. You'll still be able to read my blog like usual, but you'll need to go through my new site (which, let's face it, is pretty freaking awesome) to get to it. Thanks to the people at Media Maison for tackling this big project and giving me a beautiful, fun, witchin' new website! I love that the background matches the cover of my next book, LIFE'S A WITCH (If you haven't already pre-ordered your copy, do it now!) and that we'll be able to update it with every book that comes out in the future! So what do you think? Leave me your thoughts and comments below!

Next, I decided to give my hair a little pick-me-up by adding some color to my life. Pink to be precise. I looked at all the different colors I could go with--blue, red, green, purple, pink and gray--but in the end, I ended up going with my staple. If you know me at all, you know that I'm obsessed with pink. There's just something about it that makes me so happy. And I just can't get enough. Seriously, my old apartment (before I moved in with a man who got a say in how we decorated) was painted two tones of pink. Pepto Bismal pink and hot pink.

It's possible that's why I was single for so long..... Nah, that couldn't be it.

But I loved it. And believe it or not, when I was toying with the idea of adding some streaks of color to my brown and blonde hair, Matty actually liked the pink. See, I'd been putting in hair chalk (a pseudo-temporary hair color) on my locks for a few months as well as adding in extensions so he had sort of gotten used to it. So it was time to take the plunge.

I think it turned out about you?

And speaking of that pink apartment--we've decided to sell it. I'm conflicted on the decision as I know it's the right one financially (Especially since we're no longer living there and the board only lets you have tenants sublet for 3 years at a time. Super annoying.) but as I've been hanging around my old place and getting it ready to sell, I've also been remembering how much I loved it there. There's just a good vibe. And so many memories.

Buuuuut, it's time for a change. Which brings me back to this post. Change can be good. Great even. Like getting married and changing your name. Or changing your underwear. There are just times when you need to do it.


***So what do you think of all my changes? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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The Intern Diaries #2: Boston, Journey & Witches

by Rose Kahn

           Boston, is the perfect state of grace.”

So much has happened these last few weeks my head is spinning. All the things we were doing to promote What The Spell was so exciting—until the Boston tragedy occurred. I have family in Boston and have visited a few times, and have fallen in love with it. It’s a unique city with a long history. It’s not just a capital, not just a place. Boston, President Obama quoted, “is the perfect state of grace.” It is where the American Revolution began and as a New Yorker, where we have our biggest rivals (The Red Sox). But on that Monday we weren’t rivals anymore, we were all Americans, all human beings that were trying to overcome the darkness with good. The photos and stories of individuals lending helping hands really warmed my heart, and reaffirmed my belief in the goodness of mankind. Brittany was so kind as to check up on me and make sure I was dealing with tragedy okay. I told her it was awful and hurt my spirit, but that the best revenge is to be kinder, friendlier, more helpful, stronger and to go on living your life with gusto. Like 8-year-old Martin said (on a class project for school prior to tragically losing his life in the Boston bombing): “No more hurting people. Peace!” #BostonStrong 

“Don’t stop believin’!” –Journey

With that said, I’ve now turned my attention back to my intern duties with that same gusto. I need to catch you guys and gals up (like my own version of the water cooler) on what’s been happening on the publishing front! First is that What the Spell was on one of my favorite shows… “GLEE”! I was so excited when I heard the news that Brittany’s book would make a cameo in an episode titled “Guilty Pleasures.” I was literally jumping up and down. I mean, I sing all their songs all the time, in the shower, on the train (sorry homeless man on Canal Street)… I was just so excited and happy for Brittany. I truly think the book was a perfect fit for the show, as it portrays very similar themes. From Brooklyn’s deep need to fit in and her journey to love and accept her true self, these are the same ideas “Glee” touches on in each episode—complete with a Journey song in the background! They deal with body image, bullying and self acceptance. These are all issues that most young people deal with.

That night I sat on the edge of my fold out chair and did something I haven’t done in over three years: watched a live episode of TV, all the while texting Brittany every 10 seconds (sorry so annoying!) [EDITOR’S NOTE: Not annoying at all.] We finally saw a glimpse of the book when Tina Cohen-Chang held it in the macaroni art scene! As an avid macaroni artist back in summer camp in Staten Island, I totally appreciated the reference. But back to Tina holding What the Spell! When I saw it, I screamed in my Brooklyn apartment (half expecting someone to lean out of their window and yell, “Shut Up!”) and then quickly texted Brittany like a mad woman. All I could think about was that it had made it on “Glee!”

I watched the episode closely after that, searching for more cameos, and though there were others, they were less noticeable. Still, I was floating on air. I loved the rest of the episode and laughed through everyone’s guilty pleasures especially the Spice Girls moment. (“Oh tell me what you want, what you really really want…” hello 7th grade!) After Brittany found the perfect screen capture and we sent it along to an awesome Glee fansite, Glee-Fans.Org, we felt elated. Don’t stop believing, kids!

“Love is never having to say you’re sorry.” --Love Story

So spring doesn’t just come with cherry blossoms and iced lattes (my addiction!), but holidays like Passover and Easter and fun events like book signings and WEDDINGS! Passover came and went, and for this “Jewish American Princess,” that meant I got to hang out with my whole loud, Jewish family, for a fun-filled 10 days that will be repeatedly retold to my therapist for years to come. The fun part was giving my sisters and nieces Brittany’s books to read, and then discussing and comparing notes. There were fights over who would read what first. My 15-year-old niece got first choice because she’s kind of awesome and will be a kick-ass lawyer one day (you go V!). She picked Life’s a Witch, (yup, Brittany gave me an advance copy, one of the perks of an unpaid intern. How do I afford the lattes you might ask…. …shhh…it’s magic ;) and she loved it!

One of my sisters got What the Spell, and she thought it was adorable. She loved the high school setting, Brooklyn, and everything about it. They switched books and the rotation continued. My older sisters loved Life’s A Witch for its retelling of the Salem witch trials and the rest of my family just loved the books for the very fact that Brittany has worked so hard and come so far. They commended her for her resilience and perseverance and will read anything she writes from here on out.

After Passover (all that matza) and Easter (yes, I did buy a dozen chocolate bunnies on sale at Duane Read!) came Brittany’s wedding! She looked stunning! At first I thought that getting married at Disney World meant Mickey and Minnie came to your wedding (a little scary). But when I actually saw what her wedding was like, it made me want to change my mind about my own dream location (See, I’ve wanted to get married at the Plaza Hotel since I started planning my special day when I was 12 with my first wedding planner scrapbook—now a Pinterest board. Yes boys, girls really do this.).

Britt’s wedding pictures came flowing in and I gasped after each one. She looked like a princess, and Matt, her prince. This was a magical day for her indeed. From the gown to the ceremony, and the party favors of carved-out books to the wedding cake of books stacked on top of each other, the event looked magnificent—everything the bride and groom deserved. The love and warmth emanated through the photos and filled my heart with joy. (Getting mushy I know, it’s been a tough week y’all, let me have it.)

“Please do not feed the intern! She is on a strict diet of snark and sarcasm.

When Brittany and Matt came back from their honeymoon all tanned and with perma-smiles plastered on their faces, we attended a book reading/signing Brittany did at Books of Wonder. BOW is a fabulous independent bookstore in Manhattan’s Flatiron district (home of my favorite building). The store has book readings and a café inside with the best barstools (yes, I tested them out). Brittany and four other authors (Alaya Dawn Johnson, Jesse Karp, Nova Ren Suma and Suzzane Weyn) attended the Supernatural Young Adult reading together. They each took their seats at a long table and proceeded to wait for the bookish New Yorkers to fill the room. The authors’ magical stories varied from themes like an Amazonian dystopian future and ritual sacrifices to a girl who can see other missing girls in her dreams.

Then Brittany began to read her excerpt and I was riveted. It was the scene where Brooklyn and Asher first kiss; it was so fun and lovely to hear out loud from the creator herself. The audience gasped and cheered because they too could feel the magic of young love. It was short and brilliant and the crowd loved it. All the authors read their excerpts and then opened the floor to questions. Brittany had some fantastic answers about the writing process and how she found new avenues to get her writing out to the public.

They also discussed how they come up with ideas and what inspires them. Jesse Karp explained that he starts to think about “what if’s.” “What if everyone forgot I existed?” “What if my parents forgot me?” It was then that I wondered whether Jesse had read my 7th grade diary and began to panic over where I’d hid it all those years ago.

Brittany explained that she drew inspiration from stories that she loved, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She enjoyed how the magical and the mundane come together to make an extraordinary tale that is also relatable to everyone.

When the question segment ended they then proceed to sign books and I wanted them all. Being an intern and living in a big city, budgets are a necessary evil, so I could only choose one al la Sophie’s Choice. After some legit nail biting agony, I chose 17 and Gone, the mystery of missing teens intrigued me, as I often fantasized about running away when I was younger in order to get some quiet from my five siblings. The author signed my copy for me, and I added it to my growing collection of signed books currently piled on my bedroom floor. Brittany, her husband Matt, her publicist Siena (who is awesome, btw!) and myself finished our venti lattes and then proceeded to use all our leftover enthusiasm and adrenaline to go shopping (or it could have just been me.) It was a great event and a wonderful turnout. You should all come to the next one!

            It was a fun (yet somber) filled four weeks of family, wedded bliss and books galore. I could not ask for more. So much more to share, but you’re going to have to hang tight guys and gals—because the intern will return with more lattes, scoops and pop cultured-laced anecdotes about Brittany’s zany adventures. Until next time!


AKA The Intern

P.S. Follow me on Twitter @krazybklyngurl so you can see more updates on my crazy internship debacles in Brittany’s presence.