In WHAT THE SPELL?, Brooklyn's dying to join the group of popular kids at her school, called The Elite. They're pretty, powerful and popular...everything Brooklyn longs to be. Here's your chance to get an inside look at what makes them elite.

Queen G is one half of The Elite's two leaders. Her boyfriend, Camden, is her King. They were Clearview High's golden couple. Both are seniors, both are ridiculously good-looking, and both are from wealthy and powerful families. 

Gigi has blond hair, big blue eyes and an amazing body. She always has perfect posture and walks around with her head held higher than anyone else. She's impeccably dressed and perfectly coiffed and when Gigi smiles, you can't tell if she's truly happy or planning something devious.

Gigi's hair and makeup: Gigi's hair is always perfect, without a strand out of place. She often wears it in an updated chignon, bouffant or bun. But even when it's worn down, it's still sleek and chic. In terms of makeup, her skin is flawless. She wears her eyeliner thick and black with lashes that open up her eyes even more. The final touch on Gigi's look are her bright red lips.

Gigi's outfits: This leader of the pack dresses in a modern girl's power-suit: high-class dresses, lots of black and white, clean lines and a strand of flawless pearls or a gorgeous necklace collar. To Gigi, labels are a girl's best friend. 


Camden is Gigi's other half. The Brad to her Angelina. He's hot and in amazing shape, with a style that's clean-cut, boy next door. He's president of the student council, plays on the school's lacrosse team, and plans to go into politics one day. Either that or he'll follow in his father's footsteps and end up running his own Fortune 500 company.

Camden's style: As Clearview's Golden Boy, Camden is all about fitted jeans, button-downs or comfy tees. He's a big fan of the color blue, because it brings out the color in his eyes. Add a slouchy hat or sunglasses and Camden's look seems effortless.


Eliza is the daughter of bona fide movie star Kyle Rivers. She's your typical rich kid: she always has the newest Louis Vuitton and upgraded her sports car every year. What she lacks in brains, she makes up for in dramatic interpretation. The girl was her father's daughter and could cry on a dime, which makes it difficult to trust any emotion Eliza shows the rest of us.

Eliza's style: As a budding actress, Eliza is all about standing out in the crowd. She only wears bright colors, the highest heels and the newest trends. She loves to reinvent herself, so one day she might go boho and another, she'll channel a Hollywood bombshell. When it comes to makeup, the more dramatic, the better. That means fake lashes, a smoky or bright eye and even a jewel on the cheek for a finishing touch.


Rhodes is easygoing, fun-loving and the brains of The Elite. He has a photographic memory and can recall just about every fact he's ever learned. People call him the walking computer, because there isn't a topic he isn't familiar with. Word has it that Harvard's been recruiting him since he was a Freshman. The fact that he's as good-looking as he is smart doesn't hurt either.

Rhodes' style: Rhodes' intelligence extends to his personal style as he's known to dress smart. A tad on the preppy side, this scholar prefers khakis and a nice sweater (he's even been known to rock a sweater vest and make it look good). He likes people to know up-front what they're dealing with...and it's not a stupid kid.


Wheatley used to be on the football team but was kicked off for being too rough on the field. Apparently he'd averaged at least two concussions per game--giving, not receiving. Standing an intimidating six foot three, he's considered the muscle in the group, which means that most people leave him and the other Elite alone. And if they don't, Wheatley will take care of them.

Wheatley's look: Wheatley may not be on the field anymore, but it doesn't mean he's willing to give up his sporty style. In fact, he never goes anywhere without his ballcap. A nice tight tee shows off the muscles he works so hard to maintain at the gym, and a good pair of running shoes mean he's ready for any situation that arises. 


Anonymous said...

So basically Camden will run his own Fortune 500 company and Mr Bishop will use his powers of persuasion to get him to donate millions to his charity? Sounds good.