Wednesday, March 20, 2013 1 comments

What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

by brittany geragotelis

I'm currently having one of those, "This is too good to be true," moments. If all goes according to plan, my debut novel, WHAT THE SPELL?, will be shown on "Glee" tomorrow night! Besides being one of my favorite TV shows ever, I'm just honored to be included in an episode which is all about "guilty pleasures." Because that's what I hope my book will become to all of you. Well, a pleasure anyways.....

I'm the first to admit, my novels aren't timeless pieces of literature that will be studied by students for years to come. They weren't intended to be. I write books to entertain, make people laugh, cry--feel something--and maybe even make you think a little. Either about the way you feel about the world or yourself, or to inspire you to take a stand, make a change or treat others differently. Sure, some could consider my writing to be "fluff," and others might even hide the fact that they like it since it's teen paranormal action...but why do things like WHAT THE SPELL? have to be a guilty pleasure?

Why should you feel guilty about what you choose to read, watch or listen to? The answer: You shouldn't!

There's no reason to be embarrassed because you like HUNGER GAMES more than THE GREAT GATSBY or prefer to watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians" rather than "Newsroom." And don't let anyone shame you into only listening to Taylor Swift when you're alone in your room or car. Go ahead and sing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at the top of your lungs no matter who's around (unless you have a terrible singing voice....then, you can settle for just cranking up the volume and humming along).

You should NEVER feel guilty about the things you like. First off, just because a person schedules time to watch "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" doesn't mean they're dumb or low-brow. It just means they enjoy watching other people spend their money and fight over who's defaming who while getting botox injections and air-kissing their friends at public events. (FYI: this show is a total-pleasure of mine! LOVE!). Next, why apologize for something you enjoy? Own your likes and don't be afraid to let others know that you don't feel at all guilty about liking them. Chances are, if your friends are being honest with themselves, they'll have to admit, they kind of love it, too.

And now that I think of it, this is EXACTLY what "Glee" is all about. Being honest about who you are and not apologizing for what that looks like. Teen books and reality TV are who you are, and that's perfect. Sooooo, whether you call it a guilty pleasure or a straight up pleasure (no guilt required), be sure to tune into "Glee" tomorrow night on FOX to find out which character can't get enough of WHAT THE SPELL? And don't forget to Tweet and post about it on Facebook when you spot it, #WhatTheSpellOnGlee.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 0 comments

Help Someone's Dreams Come True

by Brittany Geragotelis

I'm a huge believer in people going after their dreams--and the bigger the dream the better! I also really love the idea that I have the power to choose who might become the next big thing! There's something really empowering in that....and I know first-hand how important having people believe in you can be to making your dreams come true. As many of you know, I got my start on Wattpad, where fans championed me into reaching 18 million reads of my book, Life's a Witch online. It was because people gave me their support that I ended up getting my book deal with Simon & Schuster.

And since my first published book came out Jan 29th, I've been asking my fans to continue to support me by buying my book. As much as everyone LOVES free stuff (music, movies, books, etc.), the bottom line is: it takes major time and money to create these things that you love to watch, listen to and read.

So I think that one of the coolest things a person can do is use their influence by getting involved in things they believe in. For some of us, that starts by believing in a person. Stephanie Lynn is a friend of mine who is both an awesome actress and a phenomenal singer. I met her when my fiancé was promoting his feature-length indie film, The Graduates, about five years ago. Stephanie played the "hot girl" in his movie (yes, she's hot, but don't hate on her) and when I first met her, I admit, I thought she'd be sort of mean or snooty. But she is nothing like that. She turned out to be as nice as she is pretty, and majorly talented....even outside of acting. I remember one of the nights we were promoting the movie in Ocean City, MD, and we were sitting around and Steph was singing a few songs she had been working on. And guys....she was SOOOO good!

Fast-forward five years and Stephanie Lynn is now working toward making her own dreams as a singer come true. I totally admire her dedication and love for music and would do anything to help her reach those goals. Including helping to fund her first album. Stephanie Lynn just launched her Kickstarter campaign and I've already donated $100 to her future career as a singer! I know you don't know her like I do, but take a listen to her music and decide for yourself if you'd like to hear more from her. You can donate any amount (and trust me, every little bit helps), and if you don't have the cash, you still have your voice. So, if you can't give, please post about this on your social media. You could help make someone's dream come true. And I think that's pretty awesome!