Friday, May 27, 2011

A $2 million dollar engagement ring?

by Brittany Geragotelis

By now the whole world's probably heard that Kim Kardashian is about to be made into an honest woman. Yes, after a whopping 6 months of dating (five months longer than the dating time-frame of her younger sister Khloe and Lamar), NBA player Kris Humphries popped the question to the Kardashian Mogul last week on May 18th. Yes, you read that right...they got engaged on MY BIRTHDAY! That makes the news extra special!

photo credit: Daily News
The other thing that's special about the engagement? Uh, the 20.5 carats that's now sitting on her finger and the reported $2 mill that Kris paid to get her to say "yes!" After that, I got curious about what other celeb's rings were like. Here's a rundown of some of the hottest celebs and the rocks that made them want to don a wedding dress.

Khloe Kardashian (& Lamar Odom); Cost: $850,000; Carats: 9
photo credit: US Magazine

Ashlee Simpson (& Pete Wentz); Cost: $150,000; Carats: 4

photo credit:

Reese Witherspoon (& Jim Tosh); Cost: $250,000; Carats: 4

photo credit:

Paris Hilton (& Paris Kasidokostas Latsis); Cost: $4,700,000; Carats: 24

photo credit:

Nicole Richie (& Joel Madden); Cost: $75,000; Carats: 6

photo credit: BuzzNet

Katie Holmes (& Tom Cruise); Cost: $100,000; Carats: 6

photo credit: Herald Sun

Katherine Heigl (& Josh Kelley); Cost: $65,000; Carats: 4

photo credit: CBS News

Kristen Bell (& Dax Shepard); Cost: $100,000; Carats: 3

photo credit: SheKnows

Heidi Klum (& Seal); Cost: $150,000; Carats: 10

photo credit: VH1

Gisele Bundchen (& Tom Brady); Cost: $145,000; Carats: 5

photo credit: PopSugar

Christina Aguilera (& Jordan Bratman); Cost: $78,500; Carats: 5

photo credit: Yahoo
Carrie Underwood (& Mike Fisher); Cost: $150,000; Carats: 5

photo credit:

Beyonce (& Jay-Z); Cost: $5,000,000; Carats: 18

photo credit:

Jennifer Anniston (& Brad Pitt); Cost: $500,000

photo credit: PopSugar

So, which ring is your fave? Leave your answer in the comments below!



Anonymous said...

I hate all of them, because they really are not my taste at all, but if I had to chose I'd say Gisele Bundchen (don't have a clue who she is though). What about you? You didn't give us your opinion!

Aunt Denise said...

I have to say that while all of those rings are beautiful, I like my wedding ring the best. It didn't cost anywhere near what those other rings did, and it is not as big and flashy, but my rings were purchased by my best friend to give to his future wife. I will treasure them forever!

Brittany said...

I love the setting of Ashlee Simpson's ring with the color of Carrie Underwood. That would be the perfect ring!


Anonymous said...

Beyoncé's!!!!! It's fabuluous!!!!

Unknown said...

Nicole Richie's ring I prefer red to a diamond. Mine is a ruby and nugget gold ring with 2 nugget band rings to surround the center ring. Small but pretty. I wouldn't know how to handle a stone like that on my hand. LOL

Anonymous said...

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