Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interview with author Lisi Harrison

by Brittany Geragotelis

Hey all! Here's an author I recently had the pleasure of interviewing about her latest book! You may recognize her from her series The Clique and Monster High. Her books are über popular and she's super sweet and funny. Take a look at what she had to say about monsters, fitting in and her latest obsession:

photo courtesy of Lisi Harrison
Name: Lisi Harrison
Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA
Best known for: The Clique series, Monster High and wash-and-go hair
Fave books: The Secret History by Donna Tartt and Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Last book I read: A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

Brittany: Most readers recognize you for your book series, The Clique. What made you decide to take a break from that series to write Monster High?
Lisi Harrison: I wanted to make a monster series for Clique fans—the kind I would want to read. Ghouls for glams!

Brittany: And now you’ve published the sequel, The Ghoul Next Door. What can we expect from this much-anticipated follow-up?
Lisi: Each new book in the series will feature a new character’s point of view. This book will have Frankie and Melody, but will also include Cleo. Readers will get to know her now. She’s kind of my Massie [from Clique]. Frankie and Melody both have major crushes and the Rads take a stand against the Normies. Unfortunately, this “stand” conflicts with a Teen Vogue photo shoot Cleo lined up and she’s sooooo not happy about it.

Brittany: What are you hoping readers get from the Monster High series? Is there a deeper meaning behind the storylines?
Lisi: It’s about our desire as human beings to fit in and how we tend to hide the things that make us different instead of celebrating them. It’s also about tolerance and acceptance. Oh, and how we’re all kind of m
onsterous in high school.
Brittany: Why monsters as a theme?
Lisi: The monsters’ traits are metaphors for puberty and our physical challenges in high school.

photo credit: Poppy
Brittany: Are you a monster fan yourself?
Lisi: Generally speaking, I’m not a monster fan, which is why I wanted to try and create a monster world that suited my sensibilities. Something more steeped in pop culture, humor and friendship than we usually find in this genre.

Brittany: Deep down, the Monster High series seems to be about understanding people’s differences and being proud of who you are—no matter what that looks like. What tips do you have for teens who feel like they don’t fit in?
Your time to shine will come. Some of us are late bloomers—I was. Be patient, keep calm and carry on. In the meantime, find the people who are most like you and embrace them. Quality over quantity. One amazing friend is better than 20 meanies.
Brittany: Do you have any words of advice for other aspiring writers?
Lisi: Don’t let anyone read your work. Their comments will either make you question your talent or fill you with false hope. You’ll know it’s great when you feel a tingle in your stomach.

Brittany: What are you absolutely obsessed with right now?
Lisi: The feather extensions in my hair, my iPad 2 and doing one nice thing for someone every day (two nice things on the weekend).

Check out The Ghoul Next Door, in bookstores now!