Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The World premier of the trailer of "Life's a Witch"

by Brittany Geragotelis

As you know, I recently traveled to Salem, MA, in order to shoot the trailer for my book, Life's A Witch—actually, it was my first book trailer ever. Anyway, one of my good friends, Alicia Chouinard, was kind enough to play the part of Hadley, braving a hot wig, a tight skirt and a whole lot of makeup to do justice to the character. My super-talented boyfriend was the brains and talent behind the camera, taking my vision and making it a reality. And Alicia's wickedly awesome mom, Sue Chouinard, was the fashionista who found all the pieces of Hadley's outfit and brought her look to life.

We ended up shooting at two different locations: the first was at the house of the judge who found Bridget Bishop guilty and sentenced her to death and the second was at the Salem Witch Trials memorial grounds. Both were awesome and in the end we couldn't decide which we liked better. So, we're going to release both and see what the fans think.

Which brings me to the matter at hand. Here is the first of my book trailers for my YA novel, Life's A Witch. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



Stephanie Caroline said...

Britt !!!
You slayed it with the trailer !! It's so fun and it makes me want MORE !!!
I am series.
xoxo Stephanie (aka your biggest fan)

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!!

Aunty N said...


Anonymous said...

haha this was really cool!!! :) pretty well made and the setting is good for her narration :D she looked gorgeous and was a perfect Hadley!!

stellacoulson said...

Great trailer, girl. Wish I could create a cool trailer for mine, but sadly do not have a decent vidcam or vidmaker softwear. Really grabs your attention, your teaser trailer. Well done.

Say said...

LOVE! Salem is one of my fav. cities! Love her hair/makeup and the sparkles at the end.....great job!

wilbur2012 said...

amazing book duh love the trailer video

salemkitty20041 said...

I just starting reading the book Life's A Witch. If was one of the best books I have red in a while. I just seen that you have another book out. You are an amazing writer. keep up the good work.