Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Light shows aren't just for Christmas anymore...

by Brittany Geragotelis

When Matt and I were shopping this weekend for our upcoming Halloween party, he mentioned that when we have a real house one day (yep, he said it) we're going to have so much fun going all out on Halloween. And then he promised that he would dress up, decorate, the whole nine yards...when we have a place to display it all. There were even talks of creating a haunted house.

Well, we may not have a house yet so I can't promise anything too flashy, but that doesn't mean that other households aren't doing their parts in celebrating the haunted holiday. Take a look at this family who either has way too much time on their hands, really loves Halloween or specializes in lights, wires and special effects. Either way, I've got to give major props to the genius who created what might possibly be the best damn Halloween light show EVER. Take a look and start celebrating early!



Anonymous said...

That was awesome!! Imagine trying that on an apt building in ny??