Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Look HOT in Life's a Witch gear!

by Brittany Geragotelis

Hey all!

Sorry I've been internet silent the past few weeks, but ever since I decided to publish Life's a Witch myself and got the ball rolling on all the details, I've been seriously swamped. There's so much to get done before my launch party (yes, I'm throwing myself a party...and don't I deserve it?), and I promise that while I'm off of work next week, I'll make sure to catch you up on all the details.

But for now, I need your help...

For my launch party, I'm going to have promotional T-shirts made, and I'm toying with a bunch of different phrases. Some are cute; others are edgy; a few are just silly. BUT since you all helped me to choose the name of my main character in LAW (Hello, Hadley), I figured I'd ask you all to help out one more time.

I'm sure you're wondering....but Britt, what's in it for me? Well....I promise that after this launch is over, I'll create a similar version for sale on cafe press, so you can all be honorary twitches, too!

So, help a girl out and let me know which slogan is your favorite. Leave your choices and comments below....and if you can come up with a phrase better than these and I choose to use it instead, I'll send you a free shirt!

Okay, here are your choices:

*What a twitch
*Life's a Witch...and then you fly!
*Wanna see my magic wand?
*Life's a Witch

*Team Cleri

*Witches Brew: the official drink of Salem

*Show me your magic and I'll show you mine
*Hex and the City

*My wand's bigger than yours

*Do you believe in magic?
*Kids, don't try this spell at home...

*This is your brain on magic...
*Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

*Honorary twitch
*Twitch for life

Let me know what you think!



toriakakeith said...

i LOVE the "Team Cleri". whichever phrase you choose, i definitely think somewhere on the shirt it should say "Life's A Witch". :) pleaseee. haha. i'm so happy you're publishing it!! i cannot wait. i will definitely buy it AND a tshirt asap. just keep us updated on when & where to get what! you're awesome girl! :)

Kalina said...

I like "Kids, don't try this spell at home."

Anonymous said...

Obviously hex and the city... Duh! :)

Hatsy_Winchester said...

I like "Hex and the City" and "Wanna see my wand?" their cute haha xD

goddessgirl on wattpad said...

"Witches Brew: the official drink of Salem" is what I like. I can't wait till it's published!!! yout totally deserve it. Love the book!Hope my parents will let me buy it...XD

karen frances said...

I like the brainstorm session. What about asking a question that leads to the reading of the book?

What do you get when you cross a Cleri?

Or something more specific.

Anonymous said...

I DEFINITLY like "Wanna see my magic wand?" and "Show me your magic and I’ll show you mine" Whatever you choose will be AWSOME!!!

Miss_Nighte on wattpad said...

I like the "Team Cleri". It's simple but its cute. The "Life's A Witch" should definatly be on the shirt as well though :) Im definatly going to keep my eye out for the the shirt and the book as well. Keep writing! :)

Anonymous said...

Wanna see my wand
My wand is bigger than yours ;)

Fallen_Shadows said...

I'm loving 'wanna see my magic wand?' I am definitely going to buy the book and a t-shirt!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Life's a Witch-Good for all ages
Show me your magic and I'll show you mine- definetly for teens
Hex and the City- I'm not sure if many people would wear this
My wand's bigger than yours- if the boys in my school saw this they would definetly buy it if it were a belt.
Kids, don't try this spell at home...- good for everyone
The problem is that many people might think of Harry Potter when they see them.

Anonymous said...

do you believe in magic? is the best :)