Friday, April 27, 2012

Help me choose my author photo

Hey all!

So, I need your help! The time has come to turn in my author photo to my design team at Simon & Schuster (my super awesome designer is about to start working on my book cover!!!!) and I'm having some trouble choosing which to use. Soooo, here's where you come in! I've narrowed down four different photo styles, but need to choose one from each category. So, take a look and then vote for which you like in each of the four categories, in the polls over to the right.

Photo A1

Photo A2

Photo A3
Photo B1

Photo B2

Photo B3

Photo B4

Photo B5
Photo C1

Photo C2

Photo C3

Photo D1

Photo D2

Photo D3

So there are your choices....let me know which ones you like best. Vote to the right and your fave pic might just end up on the back of my book!



RaShelle Workman said...

B3 or D2. They are all lovely! Those two stuck out to me. Good luck!

Bill Cokas said...

I'd go with C3 after a little Instagramming.

Emily Bold said...

Take the foto B2!
You look fantastic on it and your smile will sell the books!!!
Good luck and best wishes
Emily Bold

georgibird said...

Photo a1, b2, c3, and d1

Asmoser said...

B2,c1and d2 are all great!

Anonymous said...

I love D2!

Unknown said...

a3 b3 c2 d3!
-A Wattpad Fan

Unknown said...

a3 b3 c2 d3
-A Wattpad Fan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like photos C2 and D2!!
From sheza88

amanda scheel said...

b2 or b3! You look so cute in the dress and you just seem super happy in those! (:

Anonymous said...


Good Luck choosing c: <3