Monday, August 19, 2013

Long time, no blog

by Brittany Geragotelis
I know..... Worst. Writer. Ever. Why? Because the last time I wrote on this blog was FOREVER ago. And I admit, there's no excuse for it. Though I have been busy writing and editing and adjusting to this life of being a full-time author (okay, so there may be a little bit of an excuse there). And I totally get the irony in that since I've become a full-time writer, I've stopped writing regularly on this blog...

Point is, I'm gonna try to be better. Let you all in on the things that are happening to me--because things ARE happening! And I don't want to become a writer who doesn't write.

So, as a thank you for forgiving me (I know you will, because you're THAT awesome), here's an update on EVERYTHING that's happened over the last 3 months. Lets see if you can keep up!

I got to witness two of my favorite girlfriends get married! Both weddings were in NYC. One was at City Hall and the other was on the East River at sunrise! Both ceremonies were gorgeous and perfectly suited to the brides. I was so honored to be there to help them each celebrate one of the most important days of their lives...and was happy to be the honorary documentarian at both.
Tammy, the bride, wore a royal blue gown that could be customized a dozen different ways! Our friend, Amanda, officiated. Oh, and that's Charlie, the groom!
Rebecca rocked a homemade wedding dress and cool coif.
My hubby has taken to photo-bombing at weddings. This is the third one this summer.
My second book, which is actually the first book I wrote in the series, Life's a Witch came out July 9th! This was the book that started it all. If you don't know the story, I originally posted LAW exclusively on the online book site, Wattpad for free and later self-published it. After gaining 19 million reads of it online, traditional publishers reached out and I ended up with a book deal with Simon & Schuster! Now, a new and improved version of the book is available at bookstores across the country. Get your copy today!

Me on Pub-day!
Matt and I went to Disneyland! We stayed in Anaheim for five days for Vid-Con, a video convention (think Comic-Con for YouTube videos) that's been growing exponentially each year. Matt was there to attend AND he even participated in a panel (and gained praise for his expertise!). Even though this was our THIRD time at a Disney resort this year, it didn't disappoint, and we still managed to find some time to have a little fun at the parks. Matt might have had a little too much fun...

Matt and I on California Screamin'
Matt and I on the Tower of Terror.

THE WITCH IS BACK! Good news...I've officially turned in the MS for the sequel to Life's a Witch, appropriately called, The Witch is Back. And she certainly is! Without giving toooo much away, in TWIB the Cleri are headed off to a witchy summer intensive in the middle of Colorado. And Hadley has no idea what she's in for. Not only does she find herself competing against Asher's ex-girlfriend, Brooklyn, but some sketchy stuff is going on around campus which leaves everyone thinking the famed legend of the "Witch in the Woods" might just be real. I can't wait for everyone to read the next chapter in Hadley's story! The Witch is Back is set to be out in bookstores in January.

Hadley will be back in January in "The Witch is Back"!
We spent a lovely week at the beach. Every summer we head to Ocean City, MD, for a week to spend some time with Matt's whole family. It's always a ton of fun catching up with everyone, relaxing, and spending some time in the sun. But most importantly, it's a whole week of READING for me. And can I just say...there was some pretty impressive fashion taking place on the sand. Don't believe me? Check it out!

The books I read at the beach!
Little fashionista, Lily, rocking this retro beach vibe
I just pitched my next series to publishers! I wish I could tell you all about it....but for now I'm going to have to stay mum until I know more. I CAN promise that it's about a girl who kicks major ass.
No, the book's not an autobiography...I just wanted to show off my new do.
Veronica Mars is my homegirl! So, I--like thousands of others--donated to the Veronica Mars movie campaign on Kickstarter and am beyond psyched that I'll get to see everyone from Neptune High on the big screen next year! On top of that...Kristen Bell (probably one of the coolest chicks EVER) and VM creator Rob Thomas both followed me on Twitter. Talk about awesomeness!

The New York Times followed me around on a Sunday. Seriously. This was a huge deal. Find out how to stalk me here.

Hollywood, here we come! Lastly, after almost 12 years of living in NYC, Matt & I have decided to move to LA. I've wanted to go for about four years now and finally all the stars have aligned and we'll be relocating back to the west coast. We're super-excited to start this new adventure and will be tying things up here in NY over the next few months.

So that's MOST of what's happened in the last three months. There are a few more things I haven't mentioned here, but if I included them all, it would make this the longest post known to the web. So I'll leave them for another time.

Til the next blog...