Thursday, May 30, 2013

Intern Diaries: Millennial Madness

by Rose Kahn


Recently Joel Stein, one of Time magazine's writers, penned an article about the state of the current generation. He said, and I quote, this generation is “lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents.”

We are unrestricted, self important and think we can get anything we want without having to work for it. We want to share every moment of our lives with the world and we can't sit for more than a minute without checking our phones. So, basically, we are terrible people with ADD.

While I was reading the long article, I grew more and more outraged. But once I’d finished—four hours and many phone checks later—I wasn't sure how to feel anymore. There were two sides presented in the article. The first being a complete rundown of all our faults: from narcissism to elitism, laziness to pure selfishness and a complete disregard for authority. The second view went on to explain that we are also understanding, flexible and the most innovative generation in history. We will in short “save the world” one day.

To this, I say: “Duh. You didn’t know that?”

Every generation prior has done something good for the world, and in part changed or saved it. We, however, are the first generation to have no real reason to rebel since information is at our fingertips and there is no real establishment to rebel against. The government in office is kinda on our side for the most part. We are understanding of individual differences (although bullying is an issue we’re still working on) and are learned and knowledgeable (hello, Google).


I have to say that while some of what Joel said was accurate. But Millennials’ (Hi! Yes, I’m one too)  didn't adopt these characteristics for the fun of it. They are symptoms of our current situation: Ummm…worldwide recession anyone; six to eight social media accounts that we must maintain; and the massive amount of information thrown at as all the time. Wouldn't any other generation have reacted the same way?

Imagine if Instagram was around during WoodStock. How many filtered photos would there be of flower wreathed hippies and YouTube videos of Jimi Hendrix's "Star Spangled Banner"? Would people from this time really have been so different from us or are we all just reacting to our environments?  

For this reason, I don’t think we’re so terrible. Brittany and I discussed the article and although we’re from two different generations (she on the tail end of hers and I on the cusp of mine) agreed somewhat on the assessment of it. Brittany understands the importance of social media and why we feel the need to share everything, but she had some good advice about oversharing and the messages we’re putting out to the public.

Not everything important needs to be shared and not everything shared is important.-Brittany (and someone else, I'm sure of it.)
We need to use our heads to decipher what is necessary to expose to the world and what is not. Are we being mean? Are we being redundant? Is the fact that you ate Fruity Pebbles (my favorite) this morning really necessary to share with your two hundred Instagram followers? I admit—I overshare and post unnecessary picture of nonsense. But I am going to start taking her advice to heart and make a conscious decision to filter my posts with intelligence and class. We need to think about the messages we’re sending out; What really matters, and if we are being honest and kind? We can still share our daily lives and opinions; we just have to be smarter about it.

With that said…it’s time to OVERSHARE about intern life with Brittany the Book Slayer extraordinaire! Life’s A Witch comes out in July, which is crazy exciting! Britt has me working on some pretty exciting things to prepare for and build anticipation for the release. We’re coming up with teaser posters to get your twitch blood pumping; Britt has done some awesome interviews for a few of your favorite magazines; and we’re both posting some fun things online to keep you entertained!  Can't wait to reveal everything to you all! Keep your eyes peeled!



If you’ve ever been on my Pinterest account, you’ll notice that I’m obsessed with fashion. I watch every  Fashion Week like a crazy groupie, and even admit that I’ve stalked the tents in Bryant park. So you can imagine my excitement when Britt told me she was having a photo shoot for her next book launch and she needed some cute looks for it.

My dream had come true—clothes shopping for work?!?!  

After perusing and researching several great locations for the shoot, we settled on the Upper East Side (specifically, her favorite gluten free bakery [Pip’s Place] and a quintessential NY brownstone [very Carrie Bradshaw]). Then, we met up to go shopping. YAY! The look of the shoot was a combination of sweet and edgy looks. We picked out cream laced dresses and pared them with black jackets. Flowy skirts were worn with metal embellished tops and party dresses with sneakers. I was having the time of my life picking out slouchy sweaters, wide brim hats and chunky necklaces (could I have been any luckier?). After all that shopping (and many outfit changes later), Britt had five great looks that we both loved.



A day with Brittany is never boring as you can see, but nothing was ever as surprising as when she asked me to help her dye her hair.


After the famous Annual New York MET Gala, Britt and I scoured the fashion recaps and gave our own (very vocal) opinions. We loved the theme of this year’s ball: PUNK: "From Chaos to Couture.” We relished in the spikes, leather and metal chains everywhere. It was a complete change from the generic look of the late sixties early seventies. It spoke of rebellion, nonconformity and screaming your brain out! From Nina Dobrev's black widow look, to Madonna's homage to Billy Idol and the Sex Pistols. I could not take my eyes away from the artistry of the event. Sometimes you just need to throw all the rules and caution to the wind and “Express yourself” (wink, wink).

Brittany truly believes this, and even went as far as to put that idea into practice—by opting to streak her hair pink to get in on the Punk theme. Before dying her hair, I had to put on these gloves that made me feel like I was in an episode of CSI. My hands were shaking as I worried about messing up. Simply put: I was terrified. But Britt must have had confidence in my hairdressing abilities because after 30 minutes, the pink streaks were born! In the end, she looked awesomely cool and totally punk! I was thinking of painting my nails black…but then watched Fashion Police instead. I know, so “punk” of me.

It’s been a crazy month, from pink streaks to Lorelai Gilmore. I don’t know how next month will compare, but with the debut of Life’s A Witch right around the corner, I bet it’s going to be amazing!

Till next time guys!!

Rose, The Intern

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