Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is it sex confidence or just low self-esteem?

by Brittany Geragotelis

Have you heard about the former Duke student who did her thesis on all the guys she hooked up with while in school? Apparently she never meant for it to become public consumption, but sent it to three of her girlfriends and one of them leaked it to the cyberworld. In the more than 40 page powerpoint presentation, the girl describes in great detail, her sexual escapades with over 13 Duke athletes, giving pros and cons to each encounter, as well as ranking them and showing collages of pictures of each.

Some are giving the girl props for her sexual confidence and likening her "research" to a sort of "Sex and the City" girl power move. Others just see a girl with low self-esteem who's trying to make light of her promiscuity because of underlying guilt and regret. Even more are pointing out that guys do these sort of public sex "outtings" all the time, so why is this story making such big headlines?

What do you think? Sexy or sad?



Anonymous said...

I think its sad. As a recent college grad, every weekend I'd see people having random hook ups and girls that boasted about how many guys they could pick up in 1 weekend. Sometimes I was made to seem like a freak because I was not part of the 'norm' because I would rather go home alone than go home with someone that I had met a few hours earlier. Not that I don't like sex, because I do, and have a wonderful boyfriend, but I think , that many people who have random hook ups whether guys or girls, do so because they do have low self esteem and have a need to be wanted and needed.

Anonymous said...

It's just sad. I think it has to do with need to be accepted. Feeling the need to find a way to fit in. Possibly trying to find a way to fill a void when it comes to loneliness. And I think that the braggin about it afterward is clearly just a peer thing. . .again, acceptance.

Anonymous said...

There are unfortunately double standards and always will be. Girls that sleep with random guys are sluts, guys are just being guys. Although sex is a very natural and fun thing, society has set up those labels as far back as the days of Jesus.

BTW, love the new picture you both look really happy and like you are having a great time