Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A haunted river and some freaking hilarious broads.

by Brittany Geragotelis

While doing some research into celebrities for an upcoming photo shoot, I found myself watching trailers for some of the new shows slated for the Fall season. Now, I'll be doing a Fall TV Preview closer to the time the shows will be airing, but there were a few that I saw today that I just had to share.

Take a look:

The River (ABC)
Scary river goes after a crew of unsuspecting people. From the producers of Paranormal Activity....and yes, you can tell.

2 Broke Girls (CBS)
Quite possibly one of the funniest trailers I've ever seen. One sassy, sarcastic bad-ass girl meets rich-girl-turned-poor-girl. Hilarity ensues.

What do you guys think?



Anonymous said...

The River looks really scary but I think it would be good to watch. . .just as long as it doesn't go off in the direction that LOST went and just make every week confusing because they suddenly decide to add something new that doesn't make any sense.
The other one looks hilarious. Really dry humor. It might be worth a look-see