Sunday, January 1, 2012

Help me choose my character's names!

by Brittany Geragotelis

Hey all!

So, I've FINALLY started to write the sequel to Life's a Witch, tentatively called, The Witch is Back, and though I can't give you too many details, I can say that there are at least three new big characters in the book. And here's where my fans come in! I need your help on choosing names for them! Here's a brief description of the three characters (so you can get a feel for their personalities). Please pick from the list of names in the polls on the side of this blog to let me know what name you want each character to have!

Queen Bee--girl is gorgeous (think supermodel), blond, perfect, snobby, self-absorbed, used to getting her way, bossy and a bit of a bully.

Geek Chic--she's very smart, has a photographic memory, not totally a geek, but wears glasses, knows her stuff when it comes to magic and history, shy when it comes to guys.

Witch Teacher--freshly out of school guy; young but good looking, clean-cut, a gentlemen.

I can't wait to see what you all choose!



Emily said...

How about Sabrina for the Queen Bee? I used to know a Sabrina who fit the description you posted PERFECTLY.

Anonymous said...

Quuen Bee; Annabelle, Isabelle, Isabella, Savannah

Geek Chic: Jamie, Jane, Alexandra

Witch Teacher: William, Tristan, David

Can't wait till you finish it! XD

Unknown said...

I Am Very Fond of the Name Natalia for the Queen Bee, Kylie For the Geek Chic, And Trystan For The Witch teacher!

Christal Manuli Aka Dreamaria.

Ani said...

Well for the queen bee I was thinking you could name her Colette idk why but dontcha think it'll kinda fit her? Hmm for the geek chic u could name her Emma. For the teach u could maybe put Ian or Tony or Aaron one of those. Hope it gets easier for u to choose and I'm a NIG fan btw :))