Friday, February 10, 2012

My home office....

by Brittany Geragotelis

So, I'm sure all of you have been wondering where I work now that I'm not going into an office everyday. Well, contrary to popular belief, not all full-time writers pen their masterpieces at their local coffee shop (which, and let's be honest, for most means Starbucks)...thanks Hollywood. I mean, put me in a Starbucks and I'd spend the whole day people-watching and being annoyed at what the other patrons (and their kids) were doing to distract me from the writing I was supposed to be doing. Ugh. I get anxious just thinking about it.

So, I thought I'd let you see where the magic happens for me. Take a look and then tell me if you think Starbucks is still the better writing environment...

Yep, this is what my writing space looks like. In the morning, I snuggle up in my little blanket cocoon, laptop on my lap, Murray at my feet, pink pillows at my back and the television on in the background!

Murray thinks of himself as my muse, so he's always giving me the, "Get to work" eye.

...And then he promptly takes a nap as I get to typing.

Sometimes I even do some arts and crafts. Here is my paper pile after cutting out pics to create my character collage for the prequel/spin-off to "Life's a Witch."

Here's your sneak peak at who I would cast to play the characters in my next book. What do you think?

So, where's Cohen during all of this? In my bottom drawer, inside my dark closet, where he's planning his own evil book.

Now, to all of you guys out there...what does YOUR work space look like? Send me pics of where the magic happens for you, and they might end up here on my blog!



Andreanna Linares said...

Looks like how I do my writing! I couldn't write in a public place either...way too many distractions!