Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lauren Graham (yes, she's really that cool!)

by Brittany Geragotelis

Not to brag, but a few weeks ago, I got to hang out with Lorelai Gilmore. No joke.

Okay, so the night really consisted of us and about 450 other people, sitting in the Barnes & Noble in Union Square NYC, and she was doing a Q&A for her new book, SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY, MAYBE, and she was actually there as herself, Lauren Graham, and not her beloved fast-talking alter-ego, Lorelai from Stars Hollow, but still. It was a great night.

As mentioned, "Gilmore Girls" and "Parenthood" fans flocked to the multi-level bookstore for a chance to meet Lauren in person. I got there two and a half hours early to secure a seat for myself and three of my friends (my gal-pal Kate, Siena who's also my publicist at S&S and my intern Rose) and reveled in the lively chatter that went on around me until the woman of the hour arrived. And when she did, it was to gasps of the crowd and applause.

Kate, Rose, Me and Siena @ Lauren Graham's book signing in the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. Oh yeah, we found my book on the shelves!
The Q&A was really interesting! It lasted about 30 minutes and covered topics from Lauren's writing process to her acting career and then she took questions from the crowd, who mostly gushed about how awesome she was. And she was. Guys, she's seriously as gorgeous in person as she is on TV and totally relatable and sweet. Also....funny as hell.

Anyway, we were all there to snag a copy of her debut novel, SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY, MAYBE, a fiction book about an aspiring actress. Apparently she drew upon some of her own experiences during her journey to stardom, and then filled in the blanks with fiction (for more on this, see her quotes below). Sounds cool, huh? Here's the description:

"Someday, Someday, Maybe" is totally having a WO-mance with "Life's a Witch. "

It’s January 1995, and Franny Banks has just six months left of the three-year deadline she set for herself when she came to New York, dreaming of Broadway and doing “important” work. But all she has to show for her efforts so far is a part in an ad for ugly Christmas sweaters, and a gig waiting tables at a comedy club. Her roommates―her best friend Jane, and Dan, an aspiring sci-fi writer―are supportive, yet Franny knows a two-person fan club doesn’t exactly count as success. Everyone tells her she needs a backup plan, and though she can almost picture moving back home and settling down with her perfectly nice ex-boyfriend, she’s not ready to give up on her goal of having a career like her idols Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep. Not just yet. But while she dreams of filling their shoes, in the meantime, she’d happily settle for a speaking part in almost anything—and finding a hair product combination that works.

Everything is riding on the upcoming showcase for her acting class, where she’ll finally have a chance to perform for people who could actually hire her. And she can’t let herself be distracted by James Franklin, a notorious flirt and the most successful actor in her class, even though he’s suddenly started paying attention. Meanwhile, her bank account is rapidly dwindling, her father wants her to come home, and her agent doesn’t return her calls. But for some reason, she keeps believing that she just might get what she came for.

Someday, Someday, Maybe is a story about hopes and dreams, being young in a city, and wanting something deeply, madly, desperately. It’s about finding love, finding yourself, and perhaps most difficult of all in New York City, finding an acting job.

Besides autographing copies of her book, Lauren also took the time to say hi to all of us fans individually. And when it was my turn, Rose snapped a pic of us together (not my finest angle I'll admit). That's when she saw it. My cell phone cover....
Me and Lauren Graham. Lauren's gorgeous as ever!

"What's that?" Lauren Graham asked.
"It's my book. It came out in January," I answered.

Admittedly, I was a mess by this point. Despite all the celebs I've interviewed and hung out with and met in the past, I was so nervous. No clue why. But I'm pretty sure I resembled an escaped mental patient since I was shaking so much and stumbling over my words, a fact that Lauren was gracious enough to ignore.

"Okay, first...where can I get my copy of the book? And second, how can I get a cell phone cover?" Lauren Graham continued.

Yes, THE Lauren Graham asked where she could get my book. I was officially dying.

"Well the book's out now and if you e-mail me, I can get you the book and the cell phone cover," is what I meant to say, but I think it came out kind of like, "Mrrllllllll blurgh, harumsh...IReallyAdmireYouAndMyMomLovesYouToo." 

And then I shoved my business card in her hand.

That was my moment with Lauren Graham. We may not have become instant besties (though it's just a matter of time), I was so honored that she even noticed. She had about 450-500 fans there to see her and we were at the beginning of the line, which meant she still had a few hours of signing to go. And yet she was sweet and funny and real and totally smart.

Lauren taking questions at the signing

If you weren't lucky enough to see Lauren in person (and have your own special moment with her....don't be jealous), here are a few gems from the Gilmore Girl herself!

"There's nothing more important than a good story." --Lauren Graham on her family's love of storytelling while she was growing up

She found writing her book SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY, MAYBE harder than acting because people weren't around to help her when she was stuck.

Lauren turned her book in, in chunks. At first she used to turn it in to her editor chapter by chapter, but then began to send it in bigger sections. Her reason? "You can't ask someone to read something for the first time, a second time."

Triple threat: Talented, Funny & Smart!
Part of what she found funny about her book was exploring an outsider's view of Hollywood. "I like the ways that people misunderstand showbiz."

"I didn't want to write about anyone who would think this song was about them." --Lauren Graham, on why she chose not to write a memoir or base any of her characters off of real people

"It's like a happy, less naked 'Girls.' Less 'Smash' and more 'My So Called Life.' " --Lauren Graham on the vibe of her book, SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY, MAYBE

Lauren described acting as having high/low self-esteem. "You go in just knowing you're right for something, but still feeling like you're not worthy of it."

One of the best mother/daughter relationships on television.
What was Lauren's writing schedule like? She said she had to just get into the habit of writing 1,000 words each session. She believes you just have to write, get something down on paper, and then you'll have something to work with.

Lauren described writing as "a process of implied rejection."

She shared that there is a similar flow of concentration between acting and writing. "And then sometimes I was in a fight with the book!"

"You start with yourself and then make something up." --Lauren Graham on the way she develops characters in her acting roles as well as in her book
Lauren's a Glam-Slam!
"The best you can hope for is a great collaborator." --Lauren Graham on working with her editor

"Writing a memoir isn't particularly interesting to me. I'm not like Ellen [DeGeneres], where I can write, 'Water bottles--they're crazy!' and it's funny." --Lauren Graham on choosing to write fiction

Lauren talked a little about how she felt (and sometimes still feels in Hollywood), saying she's been at parties where she's like, "How did I get here?" She also said that most of the time it feels like there's a really awesome party going on somewhere and she just isn't there....

"It's a hustle to be a creative person." --Lauren Graham


***So what do you think? Do you love Lauren even more now that you've read this? Are you gonna run out and buy her book? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below!


Rosei911 said...

"Okay, first...where can I get my copy of the book? And second, how can I get a cell phone cover?" Lauren Graham continued.

Yes, THE Lauren Graham asked where she could get my book. I was officially dying.

"Well the book's out now and if you e-mail me, I can get you the book and the cell phone cover," is what I meant to say, but I think it came out kind of like, "Mrrllllllll blurgh, harumsh...IReallyAdmireYouAndMyMomLovesYouToo."

And then I shoved my business card in her hand.

LOL! This was exactly how it was. We were laughing and shaking so hard afterwards, we were on such a high we couldn't leave the store for another 20 minutes.

That picture with me in it, oy!

Kelly Nomad said...

Hahaha, I've always thought I would be soooo cool, so blasé when faced with meeting a favored celebrity. I am probably dreaming though, I think meeting Lauren Graham would be my undoing as well - teehee! Congrats on your hard earned success, I am sure you will end up causing some of your fans to stammer, as well!

Unknown said...

I'm almost at the end of Lauren Graham's novel, I loved it -- fresh and funny, just like her.

This woman's amazing. Let's hope she keeps on charming us with another novel, ... movies ... tv-shows ... whatever she wants, I'm all for it !

anyway, good luck to you too for your book, I'll try and find it to see how it is.

Thanks for the review !

Lauren (also), from Paris.