Monday, December 23, 2013


by Brittany Geragotelis
Don't get me wrong...I enjoy a good ugly Christmas sweater as much as the next guy. They make perfect white elephant gift exchange presents, and they're fun to wear ironically. For an hour or two. But lets be honest, you can't really wear them the rest of the year...or in public.

This doesn't mean the holiday sweater should be counted out completely though. In fact, there are some REALLY awesome sweaters out there that you might actually be happy to receive from your Great Aunt Ida. Here's are a round-up of ones that I loved, which will make sweater-wearing both fun and fashionable! No ugliness necessary.

BUY THEM HERE: Trés Cool, $22.80; Holy Chic, $15.99; I'm Trouble, $29.95; Swag, $22.80

BUY THEM HERE: Heart, $24.80; Love, $34.90; Je T'aime, $27.80; Smooch, $10

BUY THEM HERE: Cool Cat, $13.80; Owl, $10; Foxy, $19.80; Black Sheep, $29.80

BUY THEM HERE: Red Christmas, $10; Sequin Bow, $39.90; Snowflake, $10; Smiley Face, $22.80

BUY THEM HERE: Zipper, $22.80; Studded, $22.80; Lace, $5; Cape, $15

BUY THEM HERE: Mercy, $22.80; Last Place, $13.90; Lost & Found, $22.80

BUY THEM HERE: Crosses & Arrows, $10; Stars, $29.95; Diamonds & Triangles, $37.80; X, $29.95

BUY THEM HERE: Barcode, $22.80; Shining Star, $27.80; Zig-Zag, $29.95; Stitches, $19.80

BUY THEM HERE: Panther, $29.95; T-Rex, $22.80; Panda, $22.80; Kitty, $34.90

Stay warm and happy holidays!!!