Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I was rejected by Megan Fox

by Brittany Geragotelis

OK, so I wasn't rejected by her necessarily...I was actually rejected by her publicist. And she was really nice about it.

At the magazine, I have the totally awesome job of interviewing celebs. Dakota Fanning. Miley Cyrus. Ashley Greene. Ashley Benson. Ashley Tisdale. I've interviewed them all. It doesn't matter who it is, I still get starstruck, but I think I manage to at least act like it's not that big a deal. Well, until I get off the phone and gush for a half hour about how cool they are to my co-workers, and how we should be BFF's because we really would get along in "real life." I'm serious.

The hardest part about the celebrity interview though is actually getting the interview in the first place. You'd think that publicists would want to line up interviews for their clients. Wrong. They want to get the right interviews for their clients, for the right projects. And believe it or not, any publicity is not necessarily good publicity in their eyes. See, publicists don't want to over-saturate the public with a star, because we might get sick of them, and then they'll be so yesterday. So, publicists are actually pretty particular about who and what media outlets their clients talk to.

Another thing? Most of the time, it's not even the celebrity who's turning down the interview. It's the publicist. But then again, that's sort of their job, right? To make the decisions that will shape the perception of star to the public. I've learned that apparently, there are a lot of agents out there who think that it's a bad idea to have their clients talk about their past as a cheerleader. Forget about the fact that they might have LOVED being a cheerleader and have fond memories of putting on a uniform and yelling from the sidelines. Nope, that wouldn't put forth the right image. But talking about their sex lives and addictions....well, that's OK.

Most of the time I get a curt "no," without an explanation. Today, I was told, "We're going to have to pass for now, but will keep you guys in mind for future movie releases." This was actually a very nice response to my interview request. It makes me think that Megan might be super swamped right now (she did just get married, didn't she?), and there's also the fact that she doesn't have a movie out right now to publicize.

And the important thing is that her very nice publicist didn't say no--forever. It was just no for right now.

So, the hope is still alive that I might someday get on the phone and chat with the Transformers girl. Until then, I'll file all my interview questions for her away....What would you ask Megan if you had the chance? Who would be your dream interview?



Michelle said...


(I'm at least four sizes larger than her, but that it is the awesomeness of the concept that matters, really.)

She's a Tiger/Taurus. I'm a Virgo/Horse. (Yesss! Astrology! My first love.) We'd get along like fiyah. ;)

Crossing my fingers that you'll get to interview her one day!