Friday, March 18, 2011

Aspiring writers....

by Brittany Geragotelis

Last night I ran into an old friend of mine who spends most of his time in L.A., although when I met him he was living in NYC. This friend is a huge, hulking guy (think biker-ishly intimidating), but is the biggest, baddest teddy bear you'll ever meet! I'm always so excited whenever he comes into town because he's got this personality that is infectious.

He's as big as a brick wall (muscles and all), so you can imagine what we look like standing next to each other. Hilarious!

Anyway, while we were catching up, he said, "So, you're the Book Slayer, huh?" I answered in the affirmative and he asked me if I knew a lot about the publishing world. I told him that I know a fair amount (not that it's exactly helped me to get published yet) and we started to talk a little about it. Well, apparently he's been writing a book for a while that started out as a collection of letters to his daughter about his life. As he continued to work through the manuscript though, it actually turned into a tell-all of his line of work (don't want to give away all his secrets, but it has to do with the entertainment world). So, thinking that he has a gem with the book (and I'd have to agree), he asked if we could talk about the pub world so he could begin to plan what he wants to do next.

It's so much fun talking to other people who have the same general aspirations as me. And now with self-publishing and the growing popularity of ebooks, the publishing world is starting to become a little more inclusive, so it's not totally like, as authors, we're all competing against each other, so we can really help one another on our journey to publication.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this friend's book and maybe even getting a sneak-peak. Either way, I think I have a new book on my to-read list.