Monday, March 21, 2011

DELETE—Spring is springing a whole new crop of DELETES

by Brittany Geragotelis

Once a week, my guest blogger (who shall remain nameless...okay, not nameless...let's call her Ms. Sassy Pants. Sassy for short) stops by to share all the things in her life that deserve a big, fat DELETE. Anyhoo, her majesty is back and she's taking on Spring and all that entails. Check out what she had to say and then come up with a few DELETES of your own.

Ah...spring is in the air, warm weather, know what that means. The days are longer, people are out and I'm, of course, primed and ready to fire the latest rounds of DELETES. This past week was a prime example of what Spring has to offer up to the DELETE-table.

Let's take a look-see...

St. Patrick's Day...really?! In my opinion, it's only second to New Year's Eve for amateur night. Just another excuse to dress stupid, drink too much and act like a belligerent ass-wipe. DELETE.

Short ladies (if I can call you that), do I need to see the creases of your ass cheeks? A tad much skin don't you think? Just a bit...DELETE!

Couples...Christ, make me puke why don't you. They're everywhere since love apparently is in the air. Kissing on the corner, in the subway, holding hands, making oogally googally eyes at each other. Step aside, I'm on my way to therapy. DELETE!

Rain, rain and more rain...and with that comes the umbrella Nazis. Taking up the sidewalk, poking my eyeballs out with your big, oversized umbrellas. DELETE.

Realizing I need to get into a bathing suit soon....Nothing's more fun than trying on bikinis in fluorescent lighting with the added benefit of seeing every dimple on my cottage cheese thighs in not one, but three-way mirrors. DELETE.

Losing an hour to daylight savings time....Boo! Hiss! I need my beauty sleep. DELETE.

See you next week kiddies.