Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A weekend of writers

by Brittany Geragotelis

So, this past weekend was pretty incredible. Busy, but incredible. I was honored to be asked to speak at two different events: one for Wattpad and the other for UPublishU at BEA. And both turned out to be pretty darn amazing.

First, on Saturday, I went down to a loft in Soho to meet up with about 60 Wattpadders. Writers, readers, aspiring authors...they were all there. And everyone was PSYCHED to be there. There was good food, awesome freebies (the t-shirts were soooo comfortable) and great conversation. I had so much fun telling everyone about my experience on Wattpad and how it led to me getting my 3-book deal with Simon & Schuster! And I think the teens who were there to see us, were inspired. I even got to sign some autographs, take pictures with my fans and make a few new friends! It was an awesome time. Check out the pics below!

Then, on Sunday, I was off to the Javits Center in NYC for a conference put on by BEA (Book Expo of America) called UPublishU, which was all about self-publishing. Since this is where I got my start--first on Wattpad, and then through publishing my book in paperback--I especially loved talking to aspiring authors about my writing journey. The panel I was on was full of some pretty impressive authors: Darcie Chan (author of The Mill River Recluse), C.S. Marks (author of the Elfhunter Trilogy) and Theresa Ragan (author of Return of the Rose). And everyone's stories were so inspiring! We had about 250 people in the room when we spoke and were grilled by aspiring authors afterward. It was so incredible to be in a room full of people who all love the same thing: writing! Take a look at the pics I snapped while there.

All in all, it was a busy yet incredible two days full of inspiration, hope, amazing people and great books!



Anonymous said...

Thats so awesome and exciting!! Can't wait for the new book to be ready to read :)

Anonymous said...

Btw, you need to update yout 'about me' on here