Friday, June 1, 2012

Come out and meet me!

by Brittany Geragotelis

Hey all!

Soooo, I've been hard at work on the first revision of my book, What the Spell?, and it's finally in to my editor! Phew! But really, it was such a great experience! I got to see all the things I could do to make the book better and it was actually a fun process. No joke.

So now, I'm just waiting for my second round of notes, which will hopefully just be minor stuff and not overall story-arc stuff. In the meantime, I'm getting the chance to go out and interact with some of my fans and hopefully pick up a few more!

Now, if you know me, you know that I'm not all that comfortable with public speaking. Usually I start to feel sick, faint and possibly like I might die before I have to talk in front of people. Suddenly I forget the most simple words and my face starts to shake. And the sweat....oh the sweat! Hahaha. I'm a mess!

But I've discovered that when I'm speaking on a panel and talking about writing, books and the projects I'm working on, it's not so bad. In fact, I usually have a lot of fun! Sure, I still get a little nervous, but there's something about talking about the things that you love, that make it OK. Sooooo, with that said, this weekend, I have the pleasure of speaking to two amazing groups of people about my writing experiences!

First, on Saturday, I'm going to be speaking at a Wattpad Meetup at 2pm in NYC. The meetup is meant to bring Wattpadders together for a little fun. While there, I'll be speaking to the crowd on my experience with Wattpad, how it helped me to reach my goal of becoming a published author as well as how important it is to support each other by buying more books. Since my fanbase started out on Wattpad, I can't wait to meet some of my fans in person! Fellow Wattpad writer, Caitlin Duffy will also be there, talking about her own success story. If you're interested in coming, here's the info.

Next, I'll be speaking on a panel at UPublishU at BEA (Book Expo of America). I feel incredibly honored to be a part of this group of authors talking about their successes with self-publishing. There are some other great panelists and I think it will be incredibly inspiring to any aspiring authors. And being that it's attached to BEA....well, I feel like I've hit the big time! To find out how to register for the day, who else is on my panel and the other discussions that will be happening throughout the day, check out the site here.

So if you live in or around NYC, please stop by! I'd love to meet you!