Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Fun

What are you doing to celebrate Friday the 13th?

by Brittany Geragotelis

If you know me (or follow my blog), you know that I go cray-cray over Friday the 13th. As far as I'm concerned, it's a holiday--and one of my favorites (I mean, which other holiday happens more than once a year?!?!)! So, first, I want to say Happy Friday the 13th! Help celebrate this Freaky Friday by inviting your friends over for some creepy food and even creepier movies. That's what I'll be doing tonight.

Now, on a note far less creepy, I spent Wednesday at Blackberry's Playbook Experience Event at Chelsea Market in NYC. I had so much fun getting to know some of the people at Blackberry (especially my new gluten-free friend, Farina!), as well as meeting a few of the other authors there (like the GORGEOUS and sweet Sophie Flack, author of Bunheads). And then, of course, I had the opportunity to do a reading of What the Spell?, which was beyond cool.

Just in case you weren't able to make it, take a look at what the day was like for me!

I had no idea what to expect as I was on the cab ride over to the event!

I am in LOVE with my cover!
Paparazzi shot!
Me with actress Jessica Grant. You can see Jessica in the upcoming film "Indelible" with "90210" star Tristan Wilds!
Plenty of places to sit and read.
People were inspired by my success story.
Me with Blackberry girl, Farina. We had a lot of fun bonding over gluten-free food at Friedman's Lunch.

These twins couldn't wait to get their hands on copies!
This little one was totally magical.
Even celebs like Jessica Grant are psyched about What the Spell?
It was awesome meeting fellow author and former ballerina, Sophie Flack.

So, what do you think? Wish you had come by?