Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's your favorite scary movie?

by Brittany Geragotelis

photo credit: Dimension/Scream
I'm a HUGE scary movie fan. I mean, HUGE. I throw Friday the 13th parties and invite my friends over to help celebrate the freaky holiday by watching scary movies! So, when the original Scream came out back in 1996, I was in horror heaven! For the first time, I'd found a scary movie that was both terrifying and hilarious at the same time. And I fell in love.

I was in high school when the movie came out and I remember how people freaked over the flick. Suddenly, all prank calls included the line, "What's your favorite scary movie?" and the white ghost face was the new bad guy to be feared. There was nothing out there like it...until Scream 2 and then later, Scream 3 came out of course. Now whereas most sequels are just plain bad, I felt like the second and third movies only got better.

So, you can imagine my reaction when I heard they were filming Scream 4! And after many months of waiting, the trailer is now out! So, if you're as big a fan of scary movies as I am, check it out. It looks like a SCREAM!



Andi said...

I love scary movies, too. Geez, my fav? That's a toughy. I gotta say, I've seen the original Halloween at least 20 times, and I suspect I'll watch it 20 more. Would still like someone to tell me where Jamie, "Laurie," lost her keys. You'd think they would have put that in, since they show when she put them in her pocket and then when she gets back to the door, they're gone. Anything Universal put out back in the day, old classic gothic horror flicks, like Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, etc. My cousin lives in West Los Angeles and has an elaborate Haunted House every Halloween. I'm not sure how many years he's been doing it, but it's been awhile. He's a producer and has a big screen above the house and everything, on which he has old classics playing. Makes his yard into a graveyard--goes all out. Hope to see it one day. I've just seen it on Dvds. He turned me on to scary movies when I was just a youngster. My cousins lived in an big old house in LA, and they had nine kids. There were kids sleeping everywhere, and Mark slept downstairs in the basement with his film projector. We'd walk down the dark stairwell to his space, checking out the photos of Dracula and Frankenstein and the Wolf Man on the wall, and then watch a scary picture on film down stairs in the dark. Loved scary movies ever since.