Saturday, April 2, 2011

Read my latest chapter in Life's a Witch!

by Brittany Geragotelis

Hey everyone! I just published my latest chapter in Life's a Witch! Things are going really well on fact, I'm up to 437,000 reads so far and the numbers still climbing! So, go ahead and check it out!



Aurora said...

Hi there! I just got my very 1st piece of real technology ever, (an android phone)& I downloaded watt & flipping through the titles your book caught my attention. I must admit I put it down after the 1st few pages when hadley awoke from her dream & I realized it would continue from the perspective of a 17yr old, I thought "great! Another author trying to get on the hogwart type band wagon,hasn't this story been told already?" But my ocd kicked in, not allowing me to stop something I started! Well I'm delighted to tell you that it grew on me as I realized it was a story all it's own & I couldn't put it down. (Obviously I never read the book summary or description before I began reading) I had no clue that it was a work in progress. I read * the green mile* that way & while it was exciting- the suspense kills me! So before I die... upload the next chapter please & save a life!!! LoL I thought @ 1st that I was doing something wrong when the pages just wouldn't turn any further, I found your blog in an attempt to contact whoever uploaded the book to tell them it was incomplete. :-) if this is indeed your 1st book... BRAVO! & keep it coming. Your title grabbed my attention because I'm pagan myself, can I ask what led you to write about the subject? Im only curious. At any rate- thank you for giving this middle age mom with a near fatal case of cabin fever a nice little break from reality! When will the next part coming??? Sincerely Aurora

taramckean said...

I want MORE and I want it NOW ....