Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fashion magazines and Politics

by Brittany Geragotelis

Hey all! Since it's summer time and that means most of the TV shows I watch on a regular basis are on hiatus (except for pretty much everything on ABC Family and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"), I've been enjoying watching old shows on demand. Most of these shows are ones I never watched when they actually aired, but now that I'm watching them for the first time, I totally wish I had (kind of. I really do like watching shows without commercials or having to wait each week for a new episode).

Two of the shows I'm really digging right now are "The West Wing" and "Ugly Betty." Both are totally different in subject and sentiment, but both are rocking my world.

"The West Wing"
is all about politics (duh), which I tend to not be interested in at all (although since I started dating Matt, he's forced me to pay attention to them a lot more. Damn you Gielen!), but the show isn't just about politics. In fact, it's more about the relationships between the characters than anything else. The writing is amazing and the topics are relevant—even so many years later. The actors are great (who knew Martin Sheen was so likeable and commanding and Dule Hill is absolutely loveable.). While watching, you can't help but wish politics was as caring and personable as it is on this show. But I'm sure that's because we finally get to see the relationships behind the scenes....things that we don't get to see in reality. I like to think though, that Obama is the same way when we aren't seeing him as his TV persona....and this show is leaving me with a better feeling about the political world. If you haven't seen the show yet, you totally need to Netflix it. It's SO worth it!

Now, "Ugly Betty" is all about the magazine world—a topic that is much more closely related to my life. However, Betty works at a fashion magazine (not exactly American Cheerleader), which definitely means that I don't completely relate to her world, but still, it's enjoyable to watch, because I understand it. Of course, "Ugly Betty" is a bit more dramatic than my publishing world, mostly because there are no murder mysteries going on at AC, and our worth around the office isn't based on what designer label we're wearing. And that's really the part that I's not exactly reality, but it's about a topic I'm familiar with. The storyline is engaging and fun and the mystery will keep you guessing. The perfect blend for a perfect TV show.

If you're looking for a new show to watch while you wait for the Fall season to start I strongly suggest one of these shows. Anyone else have a suggestion for what I should watch next?