Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lizzie McGuire Preggers!

by Brittany Geragotelis

photo credit: Disney/Lizzie McGuire
Do you guys remember the show on The Disney Channel, "Lizzie McGuire?" I used to watch it growing up...I loved the fact that scenes were broken up by the little cartoon Lizzie. Anyways, the little girl who played this cute and precocious blonde, has grown up to be the gorgeous and talented Hilary Duff!

photo credit: Elle magazine (Canada)
And now, little Lizzie McGuire just announced that she's pregnant! Can you believe it? After almost exactly a year of wedded bliss, Hilary and her hubby, hockey player Mike Comrie have announced that they're expecting! In a smart move (I like her style and tend to agree with her on this), apparently the two decided to give themselves at least a year to enjoy some couple time before getting their baby bump on. "I think it was important to us that we had a year to just do whatever," Hilary told E! News. "And maybe longer than that because we enjoy having so much freedom. But we're thinking about it."

photo credit: Daily Mail
Well, the two are finally ready to make their twosome into a threesome (the family kind). And though we haven't caught a look at her baby bump yet, here's a pic of the actress from a movie where she played a pregnant woman, in case you need an idea of what we might expect in the upcoming months. I for one, have enjoyed watching the Disney star grow up to be a good role model for younger generations and now, for her son or daughter. Way to go Hilary and congratulations!

So, what do you think? Is it going to be a boy or a girl?



P.S. Hilary just ruined our winter fashion idea! We'd just contacted her publicist on Friday to see if she could participate in our December issue. Too bad our idea didn't include winter maternity clothes (though we're sure Hilary would be the cutest soon-to-be mom EVER!)