Sunday, August 21, 2011

How do you feel about Friends with Benefits?

by Brittany Geragotelis

I went to the movies this weekend, to take a little girl time out to see a chick-flick called Friends With Benefits with my BFF Tammy. Starring smooth-dancer and pop crooner Justin Timberlake and the sassy, sexy Mila Kunis, FWB was super fun and super funny. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon with the girls.

The premise isn't exactly groundbreaking: Girl (Mila Kunis) is dumped by boy (Andy Sandberg) for being too clingy. Guy (JT) is dumped by girl (Emma Stone) for not being clingy enough. Girl and Guy meet, become friends, decide that instead of dating they're just going to sleep with each other—no strings attached. And neither of them thinks they'll get hurt in the end.

Uh, huh. Yeah.

Besides the obvious plot points, I really liked the movie. I enjoyed the playful and sarcastic banter between Mila and JT's characters. I also loved that by taking out the romance at the beginning of their relationship, they were much more capable of being honest with each other. Neither is trying to impress the other, so they can say and act exactly how they want, being more themselves than with anyone else.

Now, I was already a fan of Justin Timberlake (what can I say, I grew up listening to N*Sync and loved him in the Disney movie Model Behavior back in 2000) and Mila Kunis has officially become one of my top girl crushes (ever since I saw her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I've thought she was so freaking cool), but the movie really was worth paying the $12.50 for admission. There are a bunch of throw-backs to 90s music and some pretty fun dancing scenes. Oh, and did I mention that JT and Mila are naked almost the entire movie (I don't think anyone in the theater was complaining)?

So, yes, a bit unoriginal, but better than the other similar movies that are out there. So, grab your girls and go see it. You won't be sorry!



Nana said...

I can't wait to see it :)

btw, nice blog
I really like it xD