Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things my friend says...

by Brittany Geragotelis

Recently, I went on a trip with a friend of mine (Let's call her Blondie-Pop). Now, this was the first time I'd ever traveled with Blondie-Pop and I was still sort of getting to know her. Needless to say, she had me dying laughing the entire time. After the first few hours, I started to write down all the funny things she said, because I knew it would make for an incredible blog.

So now, just because I love all of you so much (and her....I'm going to miss you!), I'm unveiling some of the hilariously ridiculous things that were said that weekend.

You're welcome.

On Brazilian
Me: Have you ever had Brazilian?
Blondie-Pop: Waxing?

On the phone with UPS
Blondie-Pop: What if I was shipping body parts? How would you guarantee I got them before they went bad?

About ex-boyfriends
Bondie-Pop: I had a boyfriend named Matt once....He's gay now.

On her favorite iPhone app
Blondie-Pop: Did I not show you pocket pole?

On her lineage
Blondie-Pop: I'm French, Australian, English, Dutch, Swiss--pretty much everything that's white and blonde.

About Taylor Lautner's new movie Abduction
Blondie-Pop: Hey look, it's Taylor Lautner on that billboard.
Me: Yeah, he's an animal.
Blondie-Pop: Wow, he's really branching out.

On bug bites
Bondie-Pop: I keep getting bit...not by people, but...