Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ahhh, Lazy Sundays...

by Brittany Geragotelis

I woke up at around 10:30AM this morning, which is later than I've been waking up on the weekends, but it was nice to sleep in a bit. Ever since then, I've been catching up on shows (including my fave weekend reality show, "Tori and Dean"; btw, totally bummed that the season's over now!) and lazying around. It's nice to just kick back and relax a little, since my day yesterday was so filled with excitement!

My dear friend Alicia and her mom came into the city on Friday night and they surprised me with a day of fun on Saturday! They wanted to take me to a Broadway show as a way to thank me for all the stuff I've done for Alicia over the years (I met Alicia when she was just 17 and came in to shoot a cover for our magazine; we've been friends ever since). Of course, this logic was crazy to me, as I don't do anything for Alicia because I feel obligated or think I'm doing her a favor; she's my friend and I genuinely like hanging out with her!

But still, a day with two awesome women and a free Broadway show? Of course I said YES!

photo credit: Wicked
We woke up early yesterday and went down to TKTS (we didn't have tickets yet), and got in line to get discounted seats. Alicia and her mom, Sue, had never seen Wicked before and really wanted to see it, but it looked like the show was sold out. So, on a whim, I walked over to the box office to see if they had any left. And guess what? They totally did! So, I bought three tickets for the 2PM showing for a cheap $126 each!

The three of us went shopping for a bit, grabbed a quick lunch at Mickey D's and then headed up to the Gershwin theatre to see the show. When we got there, we handed over our tickets and were ushered to our seats which were...drumroll please...10 rows back, middle front! It was INSANE! Now, I'd gone to see the show before with my family, back when Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth were playing Glinda and Elphaba, but our seats were kind of far back then (and $250!). Yesterday, we were so close, it was crazy!

The first time I saw the show, I bawled like a baby and walked out of there feeling like it had changed my life forever. This time, I wasn't hit quite as hard, but still teared up and felt major goosebumps throughout the show. We actually saw a showing where the stand-in Elphaba was performing, and although she'd never been the lead in anything before, the girl was PHENOMENAL! I was shocked that she wasn't Elphaba full-time. And when she sang "Defying Gravity" and "Changed for Good,", all I can say is O-M-G! Soooooo amazing!

Anyway, after all the excitement of yesterday, I was looking forward to some quality lazy time today....but I just got a call from my friend Kate, who is requesting some girl time, so I'm about to peel myself up off my couch, take a shower and head over there for a bit....besides, resting is SO overrated!

Have a great Sunday!