Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just a small town girl...

by Brittany Geragotelis

Before I get too far, did anyone watch the finale of "Glee" last night? I have to admit, that before I hit play on my DVR, I was already feeling a bit sad. Knowing that I'm going to have to wait several months to see another new episode...well, it put me into a deep GLEEpression. And though I loved a lot of the music in the ep, I wasn't all that impressed with the finale. Don't get me wrong—I loved the show—I was just expecting a little more, you know? But still...incredible singing (and great choice of music)!

courtesy of: Stephanie Lynn
Now, speaking of singers...I met my friend, Stephanie Lynn, through my boyfriend when we first started dating. She played the unattainable hot girl in the movie Matt and his brother shot called The Graduates. And after getting over the shock that she was, in fact, gorgeous in person, I realized that she wasn't a threat (admit it, us girls tend to get threatened by other hot girls), and that she's a REALLY cool girl. Very low-key, fun, sweet and super talented.
courtesy of: Stephanie Lynn

Anyways, on a trip to promote The Graduates, I was able to spend some QT with Steph and learned that the girl can sing! And she writes her own music! With a slightly-deep, breathy sound to her voice, and soulful lyrics, hearing her is a soothing experience.

courtesy of: Stephanie Lynn
Don't believe me? Well, check her out for yourself. Stephanie Lynn just submitted her demo song "Broken Before" for MySpace's Rock The Space contest and every play she gets helps her chances of winning. So, go ahead and take a listen. The song is catchy and beautiful and sure to brighten your day!