Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday Likes and Gripes...June 11, 2010

by Brittany Geragotelis

It's that time of the week again...and that means Likes and Gripes are back! Read on as I sum up this week!


1. Surprise visits. My friend told me this story the other day and it made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. So, my friend is a dancer and she'd just gotten home from ballet rehearsal and really had to go to the bathroom. So she goes inside to does her business, but since she was wearing a leotard over her tights, she had to peel everything down in order to go. As she's getting ready to stand back up, all of a sudden a spider fell onto her leg. She has no idea whether it came from the roll of toilet paper or from the ceiling, but she started freaking out and went to brush it off of her, but it landed inside her tights! Now she's scrambling to pull off her tights and leotard (all the while panicking because she doesn't like spiders) to try and get away from the bug. But then she remembers that she has an anklet on—on the outside of her tights. Finally she manages to get the anklet off and then the tights and leo and killed the spider...but now she's freaked out every time she goes to the bathroom.
courtesy of: Zachary Booth

2. Famous Friends.
I just finished editing a feature on my good friend, Zachary Booth. A rising star in the acting world, this "Damages" regular is not only talented, but he's unbelievably AWESOME! Read my interview with him here!

3. Vamplets. I don't think these need much explanation. They're just freaking cute. And they come with their own bottle of blood. It's like Ugly Dolls, only undead! ($15.95;

photo credit: Poppy
4. The book Monster High. I just finished reading the book Monster High by Lisi Harrison (The Clique, Alphas) and I really enjoyed it (book review coming next week and interview with Lisi at a later date). What impressed me most about the book is that Lisi has managed to create a brand out of it. Timed with the release of the novel in September, Mattel will also be launching a clothing line, dolls, action figures, accessories and an animated web series. They've also already sold the movie rights to the novel. This is one of the first instances where I've heard of a company approaching an established author and collaborating with them on a whole brand from day one. And apparently Lisi has a lot of input in everything that's made, which is so rare for authors.

5. Agent Offers. I know this agent at Trident Media Group and last night he let me know that he will be taking on new clients in July...and that he'd like to read my books! Not an offer or anything, but how cool is that?!?!?!

6. The things people will do to drum up publicity for their books. Seriously, check this out.


1. The season finale of "Glee." It's not that I didn't like it...I did...I was just expecting MORE. Where was Kristin Chenowith? Neil Patrick Harris? And I did NOT enjoy the birthing scene (speaking of, since when can a person go into the baby section of the hospital and say, "I want that one" and choose a child to take home like they would an animal at the pet store?). Creepy. And I strongly dislike that Jesse St. James. He's a jerk. But what was most upsetting about the whole thing is that we're going to have to wait all summer to see another new episode! Argh...

2. Bi-Polar Weather. What's up with the weather going from 85+ and beautiful to 60 and rainy? What gives, Mother Nature? Is it maybe time to go on a little Zoloft to balance your mood swings?

3. Health-Food Diet. Now, I'm not a diet person, and I really hate working out, but a few weekends ago I bought a new swimsuit for the summer (mine from last summer is about 2 sizes too small; this was back when I'd lost an obscene amount of weight because I was having health issues) and I was not pleased with what I saw. Bottom line: I need to tighten things up for my vacation at the beach which is coming up at the end of this month. So, I am on a no junk food, healthy food only (Okay, mostly) diet until I no longer cringe when I put on my new suit. Limiting my food makes me irritated, as I do love my desserts (and my chips and french fries and bagels and waffles, etc.). Ugh. Only a few more weeks until I can gorge myself on Boardwalk Fries!