Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A "BIG" weekend!

by Brittany Geragotelis

I just LOVE three-day weekends....
having that extra day to kick back and chillax, really sends my happiness meter sky-rocketing! Friday afternoon, I took off with Matt to escape the big city and spent a few relaxing days at his parent's house in MD. Every time I go there, I come back so much calmer, reinvigorated and in better spirits than when I got there. This trip was no different...and man did I need it!

I'm not sure what YOUR plans included, but mine seemed to revolve around SHOPPING! Part of the reason we went home this weekend was so that I could use a birthday gift certificate for PAC SUN at the mall (they don't have the store here in the city) and pick up some ZAZZ (a generic brand of seltzer that also isn't available in the city and is about half the price of the stuff in the stores here). What actually ended up happening though, was that we started off our Saturday at COSTCO (one of my fave stores!), and proceeded to go on a major shopping spree!

After buying a bunch of household essentials at Costco, we went home and dropped off our loot and headed back out to the mall, my first stop being at Pac Sun, where I needed to buy a pair of jean shorts (my zeros from last summer no longer fit me; thanks Mother Nature, for letting me get old and sending my metabolism into a tailspin). I walked out of there with two pairs of shorts and a pair of jeans! I love this store, because they have jeans for short people like me. And they always fit me better.

Then, I wandered into H&M (I know we have them here in the city, but I went in because, well, we were already there), and ended up buying another pair of jeans! They're thinner than most of the jeans I own and I got them from the kids section, so they were pretty affordable (although now that I'm wearing them today, I'm realizing I should have bought them a size bigger....sooo tight!). Then I stopped by PAYLESS (I also had a birthday gift card for this store) and looked over the selection they had in my size. That's when I saw this super-fabulous pair of ALICE + OLIVIA high-heeled booties. I have to state here that I've never owned a pair of shoes with more than an inch-high heel....I have trouble walking in them. These shoes that I bought are at least 6 inches high! I just HAD to have them. I still can't walk in them and they're totally not practical here in the NY, but THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL! And I'm not even a shoe person....

Then, we went over to OLD NAVY, where I took out the credit card again for a new swimsuit (brown with polka dots and ruffles), a summertime beach tank and a light sweater tank cover-up. Lastly, we rounded out our shopping extravaganza with a stop at TARGET (also one of my favorite stores), where I picked up a few more apartment things, including a folding table for when we cook and need the extra counter space and good-smelling stuff (Glade, perfume beads, etc).

photo credit: NewLine/SATC2
Other things I did this weekend? I saw Sex and the City 2 (freaking awesome!), finished editing my first draft of Painless and sent it off to agent #1 for a first-look (cross your fingers) and finished reading the book, The Duff (didn't rock my world, but was entertaining). Posts will be coming over the next couple of days regarding all of these, so stay tuned!

You guys do anything fun this weekend? Tell me all about it in the comments below!




MaryEllen said...

I LOVE those shoes!!!! I am into high heels, but rarely have the opportunity to wear them!
We had an awesome weekend and opened up the pool for summer!!!
PS: Target is my favorite store too!!