Monday, June 14, 2010

Review of Monster High

by Brittany Geragotelis

photo credit: Poppy
I recently finished reading Lisi Harrison's (The Clique, Alphas) latest book, Monster High, and there was so much I enjoyed about this project! First off, I have to say that what was so interesting to me about this particular book is that it's one of the few that I've known of, where the author has teamed up with a company to make a brand out of the book/characters before the book's even out.

Mattel actually approached Little Brown publishers and told them they were interesting in collaborating with an author on a book. Given Lisi's fan base and fun, young writing, they felt she was a perfect fit! So, then Lisi came up with the idea behind Monster High. Now, as Monster High hits bookstores, so will dolls, action figures, accessories, clothing, web cartoons—the movie rights have already been bought up too. And the even more intriguing part? Lisi has quite a bit of say in what's made from her creation...this is pretty rare in the book world.

Anyways, all this background info aside, the book itself is very cute. A little younger than what I would have thought of as a YA book, but all the characters are well-created and I enjoy the underlying theme of accepting people for who they are, and not giving into prejudices. Monster High would be a great book to read with your younger sibling. The monster characters are totally likeable and the mash-up of old-school monster tales will bring a smile to your lips.

Frankie Stein just enrolled at Merston High School in the quiet town of Salem, Oregon. She is looking forward to all that the future holds: rockin' parties, shopping sprees, and, of course, cute boys!

But high school hides a MONSTER of a secret: The fantastically fabulous kids of the world's most famous monsters hang out in plain sight among the "normie" student body! Even though she was created only fifteen days ago, Frankie is wise enough to know that if her secret gets out, her high school dreams could be as fragile as her not-entirely-secure body parts!

When she meets normie newcomer Melody Carver, who has a crush on a boy from the monster clique, Frankie begins to wonder if Merston High is big enough for monsters and normies to coexist—but is it worth the risk to find out?

With characters like Frankie Stein (granddaughter of Frankenstein), Cleo (descendant of Cleopatra), Claudine (Werewolf herritage), Blue (related to the Creature from the Blue Lagoon), Lala (Dracula's her relative), D.J. (all the men in his family have a bit of Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde in them) and Deuce (Medusa is his mom), there's no shortage of excitement.

Monster High is a fun, quick read, totally appropriate for the younger set, but fun for the older kids, too. You can pick up your very own copy in September 2010!



Anonymous said...

I totally loved the Monster High books!