Thursday, September 9, 2010

First rejection: doesn't hurt as much

by Brittany Geragotelis

As you all know, I sent out my first round of query letters for my latest book, Painless, on Wednesday—Well, I just received my first rejection.

Yeah. Bummer.

What's surprising me though, is that the sting doesn't hurt as much as it did with my last book. Painless is the sixth book I've written. Let's say that each book has averaged about 20 rejections, then that means I've already received approximately 120 letters essentially telling me I'm not a good enough writer, that people didn't "connect" with the characters in my books, that they didn't believe in my writing enough to give me a chance.

Each of these rejections hurt. Because writing is my passion, because it's all I've ever wanted to do, to have strangers tell me it may never happen...well, it's hard thing to take. And I haven't always dealt with these "opinions" well in the past. I've cried, thrown fits and asked my boyfriend (on far too many occasions according to him) why it's not happening for me. I've even given up. Not something I recommend, btw.

But this time, the rejection didn't hurt as bad. In fact, I'd describe it more as annoying than upsetting. Do I want an agent? Of course. Am I going to die if it doesn't happen right this second? No way. Is my life going to be over if I NEVER get an agent? I used to think so, but not anymore. Why? Because one way or another, I will be published. I already have people asking to read my books, well-known authors willing to write blurbs for them, so the only thing really stopping my books from being available to the public What a revelation that is!

So no, another rejection isn't bringing me down. If anything, it'll make the victory of seeing my book in the hands of readers that much more sweet.

Happy Friday!



Anonymous said...

I love your tenacity. They're the one's that are losing out. . . and the public is losing out too,for not getting to read your terrific books right away.

Sayward said...

Boo. Your time will come. Anne Rule had a whole lifetime before she was published.....

Jordyn said...

Odd... for me it's been just the opposite. My first few rejections were just mildly annoying and it's only now, when I'm about to query my fourth book, that they REALLY REALLY get to me.

Michelle said...

If I could, I'd send you a huge chocolate cake with the words; GO YOU in buttercream frosting.

Sixth book! You are amazing!

(Self publishing isn't always so bad, especially if you have people willing to give you exposure. But still, it is nice to go the tradtional route.)


Brittany said...

Thanks Anonymous! And I'm not too worried...people WILL get to read my stuff in one way or another.

Say...Anne Rule Rules! And I know that so many successful authors had to go through years of rejections before getting that first yes, so at least I'm in good company!

Jordyn--So great to meet another writer! And to be honest, my emotions come and go in waves. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn't. I think what's changing is that I have a plan B now as far as publishing goes. Hang in there!

Michelle! You're beyond sweet. And I admire your dedication to your writing. It's nice to have another friend on this journey with me. We can stick through this together!