Thursday, September 2, 2010

An awesome guest blogger and a contest

by Brittany Geragotelis

photo courtesy of the
Professional Wingman
I heard back from the Professional Wingman (check him out to the left), a sort of dating guru I wrote about in a previous blog. Apparently he was psyched to be mentioned in my blog and has agreed to answer a few questions about love, romance and where to meet "the one." Stay tuned for his interview in an upcoming blog!

And because it's Friday and the beginning of a fun, extra-long weekend, I thought we'd start the break with a contest! So, take a look at the picture below and come up with the best caption for it. Then leave it along with your name in the comments section above. The person with the funniest/most clever caption will win an ARC of my choice. The winner will also get a book per points earned for the following (be sure to list any extra points you qualify for):
If you're a new follower=+1
If you're already a follower=+1
For referring someone to the giveaway=+3
For being the person referred=+2
Add me to your blog roll=+2
Tweeting this giveaway=+1
For posting about this giveaway on your blog=+3
For posting about this giveaway on your Facebook page=+3


Anonymous said...

Is that a banana on your napkin, or are you just happy to see me?

Anonymous said...

"And you want to put that where??"


Denise said...

My "Chocolate-Banana-Sabertooth Tiger Tooth" display!