Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So close I can taste it...

by Brittany Geragotelis

My friend and co-worker who edits all my books, just returned Painless to me after having looked at nearly all of it. (And to answer your question: Yes, she is a saint for doing this six times now. Thanks Marisa! Couldn't have done it without ya!) So, I've got her copy in my hands and am planning on spending my Labor day weekend making her edit changes. We were only able to talk briefly yesterday as we ran out to grab lunch, but it sounded like she liked it! She said that it definitely has a different feel and voice than any of my other books; this is good news, since Painless is way edgier than anything else I've written.

Now that I have her edit suggestions, I just have to make the changes and then create my list of agents to send it out to. I'm planning on sending them to a few agents who were interested in Ki$$ & $ell, but ultimately didn't love it enough to take me on, but expressed interest in my writing. Then, I'll go through my list of other YA agents and see if I can find anyone who fits the vibe of this book. Once I send out my query letters, I'll have to sit back (patiently) and wait for the responses to come trickling in. This is always the hardest part. Dealing with rejections (because let's face it, these are much more common than yeses) and getting your hopes up only to be let down...

But I'm getting ahead of myself (and apparently I'm getting a little pessimistic, too). The point is, after this weekend, I'll be ready to send stuff out and then hopefully, if the stars align, I'll get that elusive acceptance e-mail saying, "We read your book and love it. We've got to have you as a client." To which I will humbly say, "Thank you. Where do I sign?"

I'm so close now, I can practically taste it!



Anonymous said...

I can taste it right along with you! I hope for the best!

Michelle said...

Sending you 1,999% good luck!
And mental cheering!