Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spotted my first reindeer in Manhattan today...

by Brittany Geragotelis

Every morning I walk through what I call the "Garden Sidewalks." It's this stretch of road on 28th street where there's store after store of flowers and greenery. Every morning there are men working outside these shops, putting together elaborate arrangements, bouquets, shrubbery, etc. It's been interesting to watch it change along with the seasons. At first it was bright blooms in the summer. Then it changed to leaves and pumpkins over the past few months. And now, it's on to trees, firs, pointsettias, wreaths, acorns, etc.

This morning, this is what I saw on my way to work.

I guess it really is Christmas in NYC!



Michelle said...

So cute. Merry Christmas!

I've only been to New York once, and that was to look at colleges in the Fall season. I never went past Times Square except in a harrowing taxi cab. (SHAME ON ME, I know.) But it's so interesting to hear about the city from someone who knows it well.

Brittany said...

It really is an amazing city. And as you can see...you never know what you'll see!