Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My day with Heather Morris and Kendall Jenner...

by Brittany Geragotelis

This past weekend, I was in LA for a photo shoot we were doing for the magazine. Our cover girls? Heather Morris (plays Brittany on "Glee") and Kendall Jenner (younger sister of the famed Kardashians).

To say the weekend was exciting is an understatement. And I have the pictures to prove it. I can't give away too much scoop, because I have to save it all for the mag, but I can tell you that I got to meet Bruce Jenner (he's very tall); Kendall is super nice, ridiculously gorgeous (the girl can't take a bad picture!), towered over me and is seriously in LOVE with cheerleading; And Heather is just as funny and loveable in person as she is on the show, is a sick dancer and knew nothing about the rumors of her being the next Buffy (When I told her about the gossip, she looked genuinely shocked).

But without further ado, please enjoy some of these pics from the shoot!


Anonymous said...

So lucky! When will their covers be coming out, January?

Brittany said...

Heather will be at the end of February and Kendall's will be the end of April! So excited! They're gonna rock!


Anonymous said...

You have such an awesome job! I am jealous

andrea said...

How fun! great photos. Andrea