Monday, August 30, 2010

Everybody has a dream

by Brittany Geragotelis

photos courtesy of
Dream Mining
When Matt's boss first told me about the site they were launching called Dream Mining, I thought it was a beautiful concept. Dream Mining is a place where kids can go to develop and nurture their dreams. When you first log on to, you're introduced to the Dream Mining girls. There's Lilly, who loves to sing but has a bit of stage fright. Ella's passion is film, but her classmates don't quite get her. And Sarah wants to be a fashion designer, but has some big fashionista shoes to fill.

All three girls have very different dreams, but each face obstacles in their journey to attaining them. And none of them give up.

And that's what Dream Mining is all about. It's a place where young people can go to discover their dreams and passions and they'll be encouraged to go after them. I think this is so important for young people: to feel as if there are no limits to what they can achieve. That any dream, whether it's to become an Olympic athlete, a famous actress—or yes, even a published author—isn't out of reach.

That's why I was so quick to jump on board the Dream Mining express. That and the fact that they were planning on producing original books based on Lilly, Ella and Sarah—and were looking for writers to pen their visions.

If you haven't already guessed, Dream Mining is the company that will be publishing my first book. I wrote a few chapters of the Ella book (which is at the printers now) and have been hard at work ironing out the details of Sarah's story (from what we have so far, I know you're gonna love it!).

Though my involvement in the company sort of makes me a little biased, I do have to say, the site is really fun! It's geared toward 8-12 year olds (however, I just spent over an hour on there myself, creating an avatar and playing dress up and makeovers; check out TheBookSlayer avatar here! Is it sad that my avatar is cuter than me?), and users can enjoy a ton of stuff while there. There are videos, games, avatars that you can dress up and more! Of course, in my mind, the best part are the books—and the cool thing is if you buy a book for $4.99, you win 500 dream dollars! Dream dollars that you can spend on avatar clothes and accessories!

I know what you're thinking...A book and dream dollars?!?!? No way!

So if you know a young girl who fits this age group, tell them about Dream Mining. It's a family-friendly, safe place for kids to discover their dreams. And they have really cool books, too (go on and buy one. You know you want to. And if not, at least buy one to help support my writing career! Think of it as a win/win.)



Anonymous said...

I will. . . I will. . . .You've pumped me up. . . gotta get one!!