Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who's Kick-Ass?

by Brittany Geragotelis

What's a girl to do when she fractures her wrist? And she's a writer. Who needs her wrist to type. Does she swear off the computer for a week to give it a rest? Of course not! Does she hunt and peck any e-mail, article, blog, FB status update etc. until the pain subsides? No way! Well, apparently she wraps it in an ACE bandage to stabilize it and then continues to use her injured hand to do all her work. Because really, if you're a writer, the other options just aren't really feasible.

So, yes, I fractured my wrist. Yes, I did it by dropping my blender on it while making myself a peanut butter banana smoothie (they're my current obsession; totally better than a milkshake!). And yes, I waited five days to get it checked out.

And now I look like a hot mummy.

Ha! Just kidding. Sort of. I do kind of look a bit mummified. But at least the bandages will help to minimize the throbbing. And I just may get some sympathy perks in the meantime (my boyfriend did the dishes last night!), so I guess all's not lost after all.

photo credit: KA Films/Kick-Ass
So, in honor of my ass-kicking by blender, I wanted to talk a bit about my new favorite movie, Kick-Ass! This weekend, I popped in the DVD, thinking I was about to watch a cute flick about teens dressing up like superheroes and trying to save the world. Which it was. But it's really so much more than that. In fact, I'm not sure it even really fits into any movie categories. It's certainly not a teen flick (on account of all the swearing and crazy violence), and it's a little too goofy to be a grown-up's movie. Throughout the film, I kept thinking to myself, "I can't believe this is happening!" But in a good way.

photo credit: KA Films/Kick-Ass
If I had to describe it, Kick-Ass is a cross between Spider-Man, Superbad and Kill Bill. I liked the idea behind it: that everyone at some point has wanted to be a superhero and that all of us have the ability to do heroic things. That's pretty inspirational if you ask me. But then, they've mixed in all these inappropriate fight scenes. Well, they're more like slaughter scenes. But it's all very funny. They've got this 12-year-old girl doing most of the ass-kicking and watching this sweet kid slice and dice the bad guys was truly entertaining. In fact, she's so bad-ass that I sort of want to dress up as her for Halloween...Check out a clip of Hit Girl in action below, and then try and tell me she's not a bad-ass.

Anyway, if you're looking for a good, funny movie that is unlike anything you've seen lately, Netflix Kick-Ass today. After all, you only need one hand to operate a remote control.



Anonymous said...

super gorey. . .set to children's fun music. . . how sick is that!?!

Brittany said...

Sick, but AWESOME!!!

Michelle said...

Ugh! Injury! You are such a trooper for keeping us updated and writing your book (?) even with a broken hand! Hope you get better soon, and in the meantime, advil!

Kick-Ass! Seriously, what a gem. It almost feels like watching those cheap 80's lady yazuka/spaghetti western crossovers.

Netflixing nao, kthnx.

Brittany said...

Thanks Michelle! I think it's important for us writers to be vocal about our writing journey, because people who aren't on this path won't completely understand, and it allows us to see that we're not alone. It's a tough road we travel and it's easier to do with friends! I see you're doing some interesting stuff with your writing...