Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jon Stewart—official BADASS!

by Brittany Geragotelis

When Matt and I first started dating, I came to learn something rather disturbing about him. Eleven O'clock would roll around and our conversation, which had been going swimmingly well, would turn into something like this:

Me: And then I told her that there was no way that Stephanie Meyer would beat JK Rowling in a write-off! I mean, can you imagine saying something like that?
Matt: (Frown, but no answer)
Me: Matt, are you listening to me?
Matt: No.
Me: Uh, okay. Way to be honest, I guess.
Matt: (Pauses the TV) Look, you know how you feel about "Buffy?"
Me: Yeah. It's the best show on television, so?
Matt: Well, "The Daily Show" is like that for me. "Jon Stewart" is my "Buffy." Just give me 15 minutes and then you can talk all you want, okay?
Me: I'm sorry, babe! I didn't realize it was your "Buffy." Please, go ahead and watch and I'll just sit here quietly until you finish watching...

photo credit: Comedy Central/
The Daily Show
Okay, so maybe the conversation didn't go EXACTLY like that, but this was the gist of our talk. I totally understand having a show that you don't like to be interrupted while watching. "Buffy" was like that for me, and now, so is "Glee." But I was surprised that Jon Stewart was like that for him. They had an official bromance going on (Now, he's got the same sort of relationship with Dr. House from the show "House"; Don't worry, I'm not all that jealous.)

photo credit: Comedy Central/
The Daily Show
So, for Matt's b-day this year, being the great gf I am, I got us tickets to watch a taping of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Before Matt, I'd never watched "The Daily Show" before. I'm not a big news person (even comedic news). I probably shouldn't say this, because they might revoke my "journalist" card, but I don't really trust the news that we get fed. But the biggest reason I don't like watching the news is's always bad. Sure, occasionally they'll pepper in some feel-good story between the mass shooting and kidnapping of a young child, but I'm still left feeling very little hope for the fate of humanity. Life can be stressful enough, why would I fill myself with more bad news by choice?

Anyway, like I said, I'd never really been a "Daily Show" fan before, but now, after dating Matt for nearly 2 1/2 years, it's become a big part of our nightly ritual. And I've grown to really enjoy the opening bits. So, as his b-day present, we lined up outside the studios where they shoot the show, yesterday at 3:15PM. The studios are all the way out on 11th Ave btwn 51st and 52nd, and there's very little else in the area, excepts a car shop and a corner store.

photo credit: Esquire magazine
After waiting in a line for a little over 2 hours (thank God it was a gorgeous day!), we were ushered into the studio under a sign above the door that read "Abandon news, all ye who enter here", headed through a metal detector and was shown into the sound stage. If we weren't told that we'd be kicked out for taking pictures (even with our phones), I would've taken some for you all, but I guess you'll just have to use your imagination. The place was actually smaller than you'd think and they fit around 200 people in there. Cameras were set up all around the room and miscellaneous crew members walked around with power packs and wires and headsets. 90s music blared loudly to keep the crowd pumped.

Soon after everyone was seated, a man came out and started to energize the crowd, leading us in cheers. The guy was a comedian (although I can't remember his name) and he was hilarious. I mean, really funny. He talked with the audience, made fun of a few people and once we were all laughing, introduced Jon Stewart!

The crowd went wild! Jon looks exactly like he does on TV. He took the next 10 minutes to tell us about the show and then answer audience questions. He was extremely quick-witted, very funny and so charismatic. I can see why so many people like him.

photo credit: Comedy Central/
The Daily Show
The guest for the night was some 25-year-old who'd written a book about the tea party movement. Jon was respectful, but challenged him on a few points. People in the audience were grumbling at some of the things the kid was saying...they were NOT fans.

But my favorite part of the night was the opening bit, where Jon talked about a news segment someone had done bashing him and the show. His reactions were so funny...and then he brought out a choir, who sang "Go Eff Yourself" (only they actually used the four-letter word). And then Jon danced. Oh, did he dance!

The experience was so much fun and I would greatly recommend going if you get a chance to get tickets. Did anyone else watch last night's ep? If you did, you just may have heard me laughing in the background!