Saturday, April 17, 2010

A perfect Saturday

by Brittany Geragotelis

I'm sitting here, watching my favorite Saturday morning show, Tori & Dean. It's rainy outside and my cat, Cohen (named after Seth Cohen from "The O.C."), is sitting on my chest as I write.

This is actually a pretty typical position for us to be in. Every time I lay down on my couch to write, Cohen jumps up and either stands or lays down on my chest--right in front of my computer screen (check out the picture here). It's like his equivalent of laying down on a newspaper or magazine that you're trying to read. How do cats know exactly when is the worst possible time to try and bond? And it's not even like he wants cuddle with me when I'm just sitting here watching TV. It's always when I need my hands free to do work. I wonder if he's trying to sabatage me. He's probably like, "Oh, yeah? If you're going to leave me all day while you're at work, then I'm going to keep you from doing what you need to do. So there."

Like I said, I'm watching Tori and writing and drinking my coffee and eating my breakfast (at 2:30pm). This show just makes me laugh so much. I love how Dean and Tori are always joking about sex...the joke being that Dean always wants it and Tori's a busy mom. It's such a funny look at the difference between guys and girls. There was also a really fun part in the show where Tori wanders into an Antique Mall and proceeds to buy a ton of ridiculous stuff. Who really needs a glass rooster cookie jar? Come on, Tori, you've got so much more style than that!

photo credit: Costco
Speaking of shopping, I spent my morning at my favorite store: Costco. I'm serious! I swear, Costco is like Disneyland for adults (although I am a huge fan of Disney in a totally different way). The place is HUGE and they've got everything there! And everything's SUPERsized. I felt like I was in that TV game show called, "Supermarket Sweep", running through the big warehouse and pulling things into my cart that I want. 10 pounds of cheese? Sure. A monster bag of Trail Mix? Of course. A four-pack of Sparkling Apple Cider? Make that two. I just love that store! The only problem is that when you walk out, you realize you've just spent $267.

But it's totally worth it.

Now I've gotta wrap up this blog and head out to meet my beau, at the movies. We're gonna watch Clash of the Titans in 3D! Half-naked Gods throwing around their tridents? Sounds like the perfect way to end my Saturday!