Monday, April 5, 2010

Tori's back!!!!!

by Brittany Geragotelis

Okay, I'm just going to say it...I LOVE Tori Spelling! I mean, I have an unbelievable friend-crush on the "Donna Martin" actress. "90210" was the first TV show that I became obsessed with and I had to be home on the nights that it aired...I seriously never missed an episode. I'm pretty sure this was when my love affair with television began--and I've been living in bliss ever since.

photo credit: Oxygen/Tori Spelling
Now, I wasn't always obsessed with Tori--I really only developed my admiration for the actress after catching an episode of "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood." I'm not usually a fan of reality shows (I feel like most of them are smut), but I couldn't get enough of "HSH." Before I knew it, it had become a ritual of mine to watch the new eps while eating my gluten-free bagel and drinking a cup of coffee on Saturday mornings. It was my FAVORITE way to start my weekend.

I think the thing about Tori that really struck me while watching her show was how surprisingly "normal" she is. I remember watching an episode where she was dealing with some jealousy and fear she was having over her husband, Dean, taking scuba lessons from this hot instructor girl. Because their relationship began while they were both married (to other people), she explained that there's always that little fear that one day the past will repeat itself. Seeing her reaction to this other girl, and all her insecurities and fears about their relationship was like looking in a mirror. I think every girl has their crazy moments regarding losing their men to another woman....and here was Tori, just as crazy as the rest of us. I LOVED it (although I was thinking in my head, "But you're Tori Spelling! You're awesome and hot and hilarious and have such a big could you worry about Dean wanting anyone else!" But at the same time, I totally get having those mental lapses in sanity...).

photo credit: Gallery Books
Since that episode, I've been hooked. Watching the show just makes me happy. I like to think that if we were to meet in real life, maybe we'd be friends (don't worry, I don't mean it in a stalkerish kind of way...more like she seems a lot like me (with the exception of being in the spotlight, of course!). And don't forget that she's an author, too, which connects us in that way. If you haven't already checked out her first book, Stori Telling, you really should! I finished reading it in 3 days...and loved every minute of it! It's filled with delicious stories from her time on "90210" as well as growing up with her dad, the wonderfully fabulous Aaron Spelling (also a former cheerleader! Go Aaron!). The voice of the book is so funny and endearing, you can't help but like her.

Now for the reason I wrote this gush-fest...Tori's show starts back up tonight at 9pm on Oxygen! I can't wait to see what they've been up to since last season! I wonder if I could try and get an interview with her for the cool would THAT be!?!?! So DVR her show, toast your bagel and check in with Tori. You won't be sorry!