Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Likes & Gripes

by Brittany Geragotelis

It's Friday, and that means it's Likes & Gripes time! Here we go:

courtesy of FOX/Glee
1. This week's "Glee"—Best episode ever. Between Doogie Howser guest-starring, Artie dancing to Safety Dance and Joss Whedon directing the ep, the show couldn't get much better than this.
2. Birthdays—Turning 31...not such a big deal. Tonight I'm throwing a birthday party for myself, complete with scary movies, junk food and Nintendo Wii. I'll give you the recap on how it goes tomorrow!
3. Vacations—I never realized how important they can be, until I began to actually take them. I took my first vacation away from work 2 years ago (that's after 5 years of virtually no vacations). There's a reason why you're given vacation days from work. One, you deserve them, and two, I really believe you need them for your own sanity. Life wasn't meant to be all work and no play. Otherwise, what are we living for? Next stop on the vacation train? Disney World!
4. Finishing Books—I'm on the last chapter in my book Painless. I've finished writing the climax and am just rounding out the story. Woo hoo! Then it's on to revisions and sending it out to agents!

1. Competing Ideas—As you know, I receive a lot of books through my work here at cheerleader. I was recently sent a book called Dust City, which is about a kid whose dad is doing time for the double murder of Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. This is the second book in the last month that has used Little Red Riding Hood as a plot point. How is it that the most creative ideas seem to come out at the same time? If I were Jackson Pearce, I'd be a little ticked that someone was creeping on my idea. Come to think of it though, Jackson's got such a solid book, I'm sure Dust City is NO competition.