Friday, May 7, 2010

These are a few of my Favorite things...May 7, 2010

by Brittany Geragotelis

It's Friday and that means a round-up of my favorite things for the week. Here goes:

1. Miley Cyrus' "Can't Be Tamed" music video
It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I'm a fan of Miley Cyrus. I watched "Hannah Montana" from the beginning of the series to the end, I interviewed her for AC, I have a whole collection of the clothes she did with Max Azria from Wal-Mart and I go gaga over her music. There's just something about her that draws me in. Well, her music video for her newest single, "Can't Be Tamed", though a complete departure from the typical MC stuff we're used to seeing, is AWESOME! Seriously edgy, intriguing, totally entertaining and fun. The music has a great beat and the whole thing with the black wings? Beautiful. Check it out and let me know what you think!

2. Mothers Day
I don't know about you, but I have a pretty kick-ass mom. She's my biggest fan, always supports me in my decisions and encourages me to follow my dreams. And she's put up with a lot of crap from me over the years. She's my cheerleader, my hero, my funniest friend.

3. The people who believe in me and my writing
You all know who you are. It's because of you that I can get past all the rejection and keep writing. And thank you to those who force me out of my comfort zone and push me to test my limits.

photo credit: Maxim Magazine
4. Hilarie Burton's a mom!
I had the pleasure of meeting "One Tree Hill" star Hilarie Burton, 27, back in 2003 when she posed for the cover of our Feb 2004 issue. She was teeny-tiny, gorgeous and so cool! Really...I remember thinking that if we were in school, she would have been way cooler than me. She was a cheerleader and a rebel. And now we find out that she's been hiding a secret romance with "Grey's Anatomy's" Denny, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 44, for over a year now—and had a baby with him a few months ago! Say what?!?! I have to applaud the couple for being able to keep their happy news under wraps for so long from the evil paps and rag mags. Congrats you two!

And a few things I'm NOT so pleased about....

photo credit: The CW/ANTM
1. "America's Next Top Model": Tyra and I are in a fight right now because she and her "expert" judging panel sent home my favorite model, Jessica. Boo! I thought Jess was one of the most beautiful girls in the house and had a cool personality. Much better than some of the girls who spend all their time making fun of others and being mean on the show. Shame on you, Tyra. And now I'm rooting for Raina, in case you were wondering.

2. Cheating Fellas: David Boreanaz, how could you? And for that matter, how could you Tiger, David, Josh and Jesse? I hope all the women in these cheaters' lives realize how incredible they are and have the strength to say "I deserve better than you."